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EEP Essentials

Employee Education Program tuition waiver form for UK employees

Tuition waiver form for Murray State University

Frequently asked questions

Program Overview

How the Employee Education Program works

Employees must follow admission and registration procedures and deadlines established by the University Senate. Be aware of fee and payment deadlines and fee assessment when courses are changed. An EEP Form (for UK employees) must be turned into the Employee Benefits office, 112 Scovell Hall, 0064, by the deadline established. Please check online or with Employee Benefits for the most current EEP forms available each semester. Only one course may be taken during work hours with approval by your supervisor and department head. You must make up your missed time within the same work week, which may include taking only a half-hour lunch break or changing your starting and/or ending times. Employees of other Kentucky postsecondary institutions may also apply for classes at UK, using a form from their employing school. Where applicable, Murray State students must complete and submit a Murray State tuition waiver form.

Plan availability

The program is available for classes taken for credit at the University campus, any of the KCTCS institutions (i.e. Community and Technical Colleges), Eastern Kentucky University, Kentucky State University, Morehead State University, Northern Kentucky University, Western Kentucky University, the University of Louisville or Murray State University. The tuition waiver is not available for audited, non-credit, continuing education or community education courses.

What the Employee Education Program covers

Please be aware that the Employee Education Program waives tuition (activity fees only for UK employees attending UK). Any other fees (course and/or program fees), books or expenses related to the class are the employee's responsibility. Graduate-level waivers in excess of $5,250 per calendar year are subject to tax as mandated by faculty and staff tuition waiver program policy KRS 164.020(32)View this letter for more information regarding taxable EEP benefits.

A “graduation exemption” can be requested for a one-time exception to exceed 6-8 hours in a given semester in the employee’s final 12 months prior to finishing their degree. The academic adviser must document the employee is in his/her final 12 months of study. With approval, employees may take up to three courses (up to nine credit hours) in one approved semester during this 12-month period, not to exceed 18 credit hours within that academic year.

Women's Forum $250 Educational Assistance Award

The UK Women’s Forum Employee Educational Assistance Award is available to UK employees taking UK classes through the Employee Education Program (EEP). This award will complement the existing tuition waiver program for UK employees by providing recipients of the award with a $250 reimbursement to assist them with the cost of books, course materials and any applicable lab fees.

Regular full-time employees (0.75 FTE and greater) who are participating in the EEP program and taking UK classes, excluding independent study program courses, are eligible to apply for the award.The deadline to apply typically falls on the same day as the University deadline to drop classes. Please visit our website (see below) for exact deadline dates.

To apply for the UK Women’s Forum Employee Educational Assistance Award, please submit an online application.