Getting Started: Sign on to myUK

The online portal where UK employees log in to review or manage work-related personal information, payroll and benefits is called myUK Employee Self-Service (ESS). This system provides employees with the tools for managing everything from benefits enrollment to direct deposit bank information -- and much more! Use the links to the right to navigate the myUK ESS Guide.

Work+Life Connections Counseling

Work+Life Connections is a voluntary, confidential counseling and referral service that provides support for UK individuals and families. This benefit includes free and reduced-fee counseling with a licensed therapist. Additionally, we offer training for supervisors and departments on topics ranging from managing stress to processing grief to helping prevent suicide. Please note that "Family Counseling" does not include couples or marriage counseling. We encourage you to contact the REFER Counseling Service (UK Family Center) for counseling provided by UK graduate students or a local, licensed marriage and family therapist.

LiveHealth Online now available

We are excited to make LiveHealth Online available to our health plan participants available through Anthem.

This service allows you to connect with a medical professional online. It provides convenient and easy access for minor primary care medical conditions and counseling at an excellent value.

These online visits are a covered benefit under UK's health insurance plans. LiveHealth Online professionals can provide medical care for common conditions, such as the flu, colds, pink eye and more. They can also send prescriptions to a pharmacy.