The UK-HMO plan is our most popular plan and offers an excellent value. You pay no deductibles and no co-payments for preventive care. Those on the UK-HMO plan must use UK HealthCare facilities and physicians. The plan is available to those who live in Central Kentucky.


Coverage Level Monthly cost* UK pays Employee pays
Employee only $531 $500 $31
Employee + child(ren) $795 $659 $136
Employee + spouse $1,060 $795 $265
Employee + family $1,327 $936 $391

* Regular part-time and temporary employees (less than 0.75 FTE or work less than an average of 30 hours per week in a 12 month measurement period), who are not eligible for the UK credit toward the costs of coverage, pay this rate.

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Full coverage information

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2018-19 UK-HMO Major Plan Benefits Benefits for Covered Services Provided at Participating Providers
Lifetime Maximum Benefit Unlimited Unlimited
Out-of-Pocket Amount
Medical out-of-pocket maximum $3,000/member; $6,000/family
Prescription out-of-pocket maximum $4,350/member; $8,700/family
Preventive Care
*Coverage under preventive care category depends on age, symptoms, and diagnosis 
Routine Pap smears, mammograms, PSA, screening colonoscopy, and sigmoidoscopy*
Routine child care and immunizations (through age 18)
Routine adult physical exam (19 years and above, one per plan year)
Physician Services  Office visits (excludes certain diagnostic lab and X-ray) 100% after $10 co-payment for primary care physician
100% after $30 co-payment for specialist 
Lab tests, X-rays and diagnostic tests  100%
Allergy injections  100% after $10 co-payment
Inpatient services 
Outpatient surgery and diagnostics 
Physician visits to emergency room 
Hospital Services Inpatient care (semi-private room and board, nursing care, ICU) 100% after $200 co-payment per admission 
Hospital observation stay 100% after $100 co-payment 
Organ transplants  100%
Outpatient nonsurgical care 
Outpatient tests, lab, X-ray and other diagnostic tests 
Ancillary services 
Outpatient surgery  100% after &75 co-payment 
Outpatient diagnostic testing (high costs - MRI, MRA, CT and PET scans) 100% after $75 co-payment
Emergent/Urgent Services Emergency room 100% after $100 co-payment (waived if admitted)
Urgent treatment center  100% after $25 co-payment 
UK Children's Twilight Clinic  100% after $15 co-payment 
Ambulance  100% after $75 co-payment 
Other Medical Services Skilled nursing facility (up to 30 per plan year) and hospice services 100%
Home health care (up to 60 visits per plan year) 80%
Durable medical equipment, orthotics, and prosthetics  80% maximum member responsibility of $500/plan year
Hearing aids 80% for children under 18
Speech, music, physical, occupational, manipulative, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, pulmonary rehab, and cardiac rehab therapy (limited to 45 visits per plan year, combined)  100% after $15 co-payment per visit for all therapies 
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Inpatient mental health or substance abuse 100% after $200 co-pay per admission

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