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Court Appearance

Revision date of this archived policy: April 1, 2006

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The University recognizes there are circumstances which require an employee to be away from work for appearances in court.


1) Under unusual circumstances and upon recommendation of the Associate Vice President of Human Resources, the Provost or the appropriate Executive Vice President, an employee may be approved for time off, with or without pay, for a court appearance.

Note: Unusual circumstances means that some compelling University interest in the case justifies the employee’s absence from work.

2) An employee who appears as a party or witness in a court case in which the University is a party and for which the employee’s attendance is requested by the Provost, appropriate Executive Vice President, or the University Office of Legal Counsel, shall be granted time off to fulfill these responsibilities.

  1. An employee with a full-time equivalent (FTE) of 0.5 or greater will be granted time off with pay.
  2. Upon completion of a court appearance, the employee shall report to work at the beginning of the next regularly scheduled work period. If the appearance does not require the full work period, the employee shall return to work as soon as possible, with consideration of travel time.


The department head is responsible for scheduling time off for an employee who has been authorized to be off of work for a court appearance.

1) An employee desiring time off for a court appearance normally will request vacation leave.

2) An employee who is required to appear in court at the request of the university shall notify the department of the date(s) of this appearance as soon as possible and provide any applicable documentation (i.e. copy of summons, subpoena, etc.).

3) An employee desiring time off of work, under unusual circumstances, to appear in court, shall submit this request in writing to the department head, dean or director, who shall forward this request, with a recommendation, to the Associate Vice President of Human Resources.