1. What information is kept in an employee's official file?
    Any information related to the employee's employment history: applications, PARs, performance appraisals, disciplinary actions, commendations, separation sheets, etc.

  2. Am I able to obtain copies of documents from my file? If so, how?
    Yes, you may obtain copies of documents from your employee file by using our online Employee Records system. Follow the prompts to request your employee information.

    If you have been separated from the university for more than six months, you must create an open records request in order to obtain copies from your file. You may contact the UK Legal Office, Room 301B, Main Building, or email UKOpenRecords@uky.edu, to make this request.

    For more information, please see HR Policy & Procedure #6.0: Staff Employee Files.

  3. What is a verification of employment, and what are the appropriate procedures for having one completed?
    An employment verification is a document issued by an organization, such as a bank or other financial institution, to verify your employee's job title, dates of employment and/or pay rate.

    Any agency or company outside UK that needs to verify employment must use our online Employee Records system. After clicking on "are you a business" or "are you a government agency," follow the prompts to request the employment information.

  4. I received a request asking for a verification/work reference for someone who I previously supervised/who formerly worked in my department. Should I complete it or send it on to HR Employee Records?
    Only HR Employee Records may provide this information. It is the university's policy only to provide dates of employment, job title, hours and salary (with a signed release) on all verifications for any UK employee. 

    If you receive such a request, direct the requestor to our online Employee Records system.

    For more information, please see HR Policy & Procedure #6.0: Staff Employee Files.