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Delta Dental offers the same plan options as are available to active employees and at the same rate: Delta Dental Copay, Delta Dental Basic and Delta Dental Enhanced Plan.

Delta Dental Enhanced offers choice and flexibility through a large network consisting of both the Delta Dental PPO in-network and the Delta Dental Premier in and out-of-network dentists.  

Delta Dental PPO in-network providers offer services at a lower negotiated fee schedule, resulting in lower member copays.  There is also no balance billing when utilizing a PPO dentist.

Delta Dental Premier in-network or out-of-network dentists are paid at a higher negotiated fee schedule.  With Premier network dentists, there will never be balance billing.

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In all cases, plan members are responsible for coinsurance, deductibles, and non-covered services.

Premium Payment Procedures

Dental premiums are due on a monthly basis and may be automatically withdrawn from either a checking or savings account.

Plan Features

  • Diagnostic and preventive care to maintain good oral health.

  • 20% coinsurance after $25 deductible on minor and major restorative services.

  • Coverage for preventive, minor and major restorative procedures.

Summary of Benefits

The Delta Dental network may be accessed on the web at:

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