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Plan Features

  • Includes all Classic Plan benefits:
    • Diagnostic and preventive care to maintain good oral health.
    • Fully covers two oral exams, X-rays, and cleanings per year.
    • Partially covers dentures.
    • No annual deductible.
    • Includes discounts on services.
  • Orthodontic coverage.
  • No annual deductible.

The UK Dental network may be accessed on the web at

Summary of Benefits

Summary of Benefits UK Dental Retiree Classic UK Dental Retiree Ultra
Choosing a dentist Any UK faculty or post-graduate participating provider
Annual deductible None None
Annual plan maximum $600 $1,200
Routine office visit 100% 100%
Preventive: two cleanings/routine office visits per year 100% 100%
Restorative fillings: (one to four surfaces) 50% 100%
Simple extractions 50% 100%
Periodontic services (one scaling/root planing) 50% every 2 years 50% every 2 years
Crown or bridge 0% 20%
Endodontics (root canal) Not covered 30%
Oral surgery (outpatient surgical extractions) Not covered 30%
Complete/partial dentures 50% 50%
Orthodontics (up to age 19 on Enhanced plan) Not covered 20% up to a $1,000 lifetime maximum
Space maintainers Not covered 100%