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Deciding when to retire is a complex and personal decision that's up to you. If and when you start to consider retirement, our benefits team is here to help.

Starting to prepare

Many factors are involved in a decision to retire, from your financial to your personal well-being. We recommend starting to understand what's involved in retirement planning around age 55.

PDF: A guide to retirement planning at UK
Our checklist tool
Rules about retirement age
Fidelity and TIAA consultations
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Ready to retire

After determining you're financially and personally ready for retirement, it's time to talk to a UK retirement officer.

Email and we'll ensure you're eligible for retirement, explain your retiree benefits eligibility to you and outline the next steps in the process.

PDF: Retirement plan summary
What UK offers retirees

The rules about retirement age

There’s no set retirement age at UK. Depending on your years of service and age, there may be a few options for when you could retire.

1. Retire any time at age 65 or after

2. Retire early when you have a combination of age and years of service equaling 75

Early retirement is an option for you if at least 15 of your years of service are continuous regular full-time (or its equivalent) service and that number plus your age equals 75 or greater. We call this "the rule of 75."

3. Phase into retirement at or after age 60 over the course of up to three years

If at least 15 of your years of service are continuous regular full-time (or its equivalent) service, phased retirement is an option for you if your department approves the agreement.

These 3 options are defined by the University's Administrative Regulations (AR):

  • AR 3:1 differentiates normal retirement at or after age 65 from early retirement
  • AR 3:2 outlines phased retirement

Years of service

Check with us to get your official number of years of service — it may be different than you expect.

For example: an employee who worked here for 30 years but didn’t have a 100% full-time equivalency status will show an official years of service number less than 30.

What we offer retirees

Retirement savings plan carriers

See how your retirement savings have grown with TIAA and Fidelity and talk to them about withdrawal options before and after you retire.



Retiree benefits

We offer several benefits to all University of Kentucky retirees including opportunities for learning and well-being.

Health, dental and vision insurance depends on eligibility which is based on your years of service and more factors.

Insurance 2020 retiree rates

If you wait until age 65 to retire and you're eligible for our UK health insurance plan that works with Medicare, you could see lower rates.

These printable PDF guides show all health, dental and vision insurance plan options and rates.

Retirees under age 65

Retirees age 65+


Upcoming and past events

Use our calendar to see upcoming events. Miss an event? Check out our recently recorded presentations.

Consult with experts one-on-one

Our experts host events and provide free consultations to guide you as you make decisions related to retirement.
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Mental health therapist
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