Essential Leader Program (ELP) has been created specifically for employees who want to become better leaders and learn key leadership skills. This program is open to all employees wanting to make the most of their changing job expectations as well as potential career opportunities. You do not have to be in a supervisory position to enroll in the program!

You do not have to be a supervisor to be a leader.  Each one of us is a leader at some point by serving on a committee, working on a project, training or mentoring a new employee, or volunteering our skills in community activities.

Participants are required to take 20 certificate eligible courses over a two year period. You may begin the series at any time and take courses in any order. 

Designed around seven leadership competencies, the program is demanding and the skills learned are immediately applicable in the workplace.  Competencies include Communication, Teamwork, Creative Problem Solving and Flexibility, Interpersonal Skills, Professionalism, Resolving Conflicts and Leadership.  Each competency consists of a total number of ELP units which include required class offerings.

How do I register? 
If you are interested in this program, please contact Michelle Jones or Rob Hays for more information.