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The Hiring Process - What to Expect

Applying and Interviewing for a Student Job

1. Application

Fill out your application online at UKJobs – by selecting the "Create New Application" tab on the left and then selecting the "Student Employment Application" link to begin the process.

  • The application you complete online will only be viewed by Student Employment officials. In most cases, actual employers will have a separate application. Please update the information on your application regularly (name and social security number cannot be altered).

2. Search

Search the job postings online at UKJobs by selecting the “Search postings” link. To search Student Employment jobs, select “Student Employment” in the Job Category drop-down box. Please note our referral service only applies to jobs containing the requisition prefix "js".

  • The list includes student jobs off and on campus. You can search one or the other exclusively by selecting “On Campus – Student Employment” or “Off Main Campus – Student Employment” in the On Campus/Off Campus drop-down box. Jobs that are off campus but very close by will be noted as such in the job description.

  • Jobs with older posting dates are not necessarily unavailable. Several of our employers maintain postings year-round because they have ongoing availability.

  • When you find a job that interests you and works with your schedule, select “Apply for this posting.” You may be prompted to answer some screening questions. If you pass these questions, a screen will appear to let you know that you meet the minimum requirements and are eligible for a screening interview with Student Employment at Scovell Hall.

  • New jobs are posted to the list on a daily basis, so be sure to check often and come in for an interview soon after you apply.

Please note: Interviews will be limited to 5 jobs per session (one session per day) until further notice.  The purpose of this limitation is to allow for as many interviews as possible during busy times of the year.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

3. Interview

Once you have applied for HR Student Employment positions online and met the minimum requirements, you will be instructed to come to 112 Scovell Hall for a brief, casual screening interview.

  • Interviews are conducted on a first-come, first-served basis Monday through Friday between the hours of 12:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. If you are unable to come in during these hours, call 257-8894 to set up a time that better suits your schedule.

  • You will need to bring one of the following to the front desk:

    • Your University of Kentucky student ID

    • An original letter of acceptance to the University of Kentucky

    • A printout of your class schedule (only applicable during Fall and Spring semesters)

  • You do not need to bring your Student Application, a list of the jobs to which you applied, or your resume to the screening interview.

  • When you meet with your Student Placement Team Member, the two of you will discuss the jobs to which you’ve applied to determine whether your experience, skills, and schedules meet the requirements of each particular job.

  • The screening interview is very casual and can last approximately five to twenty minutes, depending on the number of jobs to which you have applied.

  • Although your Student Placement Assistant will pay attention to your demeanor and attitude, you need not dress as you would for a formal job interview; typical student attire is fine.

4. Placement

If you and your Student Placement Assistant determine that a job is a good match for you, you will receive a Job Report with information about the job and how to contact the employer.

  • When you identify yourself as a Student Employment Referral, the employer will be confident that you meet the qualifications they are seeking in an employee.

  • When you are hired for a position you found through Student Employment, you must report some basic information about your job, including:

    • Where you were hired (either the business name or the job requisition number)

    • Wage 

    • Average hours worked per week 

    • Start date

  • You may either report that information directly to your Student Placement Assistant (who will have provided his/her card for you) or you can complete the easy online UK Student Job Placement Form.

What's Next?

If you were offered a job as a student at UK, you need to review the full online orientation page that is specifically for students that have been newly hired. Access it here »

If you were not offered a job at UK, please continue to apply using the methods above. Good luck!