While we continue to offer the traditional classroom sessions for most of our University SuperVision classes, we also have other delivery methods available such as web-based training (WB) or virtual instructor-led (VC). We know schedules are busy and everyone has a different learning style.  This allows you to select the delivery method that works best for you. View the PDF chart of the University Supervision courses.


Our classroom sessions will be conducted at Scovell Hall. Participants will have the opportunity to interact and network with other University supervisors.

Web-based Classes (WB)

Our self-paced, web-based Supervision classes will allow participants to complete the training session from the convenience of their office, home, or any location where they have a computer with speakers. To ensure you are using the approved SAP web browsers, please check the messages that appear when you launch myUK.

Some tips regarding the web-based courses and myUK:

If you’ve completed a WBT and didn’t receive the “Participant Complete” message instantly, logout of myUK and give the system at least one hour to process. If the message still doesn’t appear, try the following steps:

  1. Clear the temporary files / cache for the web browser.
  2. Shut down and restart the PC.
  3. Before opening other applications, access myUK and start the course again. It should take you to the last slide viewed. Finish course and click LogOff.
  4. If after an hour the message still hasn’t appeared, it is suggested you cancel your enrollment in the course.
    1. Rebook the course and try again.
    2. If credit is still not given after this attempt, send an email to SAPHRSupport@uky.edu and let them know what the issue is and the steps you have tried to correct the situation.

WB plus Virtual Classroom (both pieces are required)

Our WBT plus Virtual classrooms offer participants the opportunity to complete specific topics from the convenience of their office. The web-based portion of the training will provide an overview of policies related to the topic; while the virtual classroom allows participants the opportunity to interact with other participants and ask questions.

Virtual Classroom (VC)

Our virtual SuperVision courses will also allow participants to complete the training session from the convenience of their office, home or any location where they have a computer and speakers. The speakers are needed to hear the instructor as they conduct the class. These virtual sessions are instructor led and will be scheduled for a specific day and time.
You will receive an email from the SuperVision training team with any pre-work, meeting link and handouts. Please make sure you complete any pre-work assignments and print any handouts and participant guide associated with the class.
Day of the virtual session:

  1. Locate the email you received from the SuperVision trainers and click on the training link to access the virtual SuperVision session.
  2. Close out email and any additional applications you might have open on your PC. This helps keep other applications from interfering with the training session.
  3. Please begin the login in process approximately 5 - 10 minutes prior to the session start time. This will allow time for accessing the virtual meeting room.