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Wildcat community,

The unprecedented challenges of COVID-19 call for unprecedented solutions.

In our initial response, many of us changed where we work. Now, to further protect the health, financial and job security of all the individuals in our community, our response must expand.

Let's evolve our innovative ways to work.

We created this tool so our team members whose regular work has been disrupted can temporarily pivot and apply their skills to the work that’s in front of us now.

We will get through this together. Thank you for your creativity, continued resilience and collaborative spirit.


Kim Wilson
Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

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Post any opportunity here, whether you need someone for a one-time task, part-time project or full-time position.

With this tool you have access to our already vetted and experienced workforce. Combine that with an expedited process and you'll get the help you need quickly.

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Find work

This tool shows supervisors and employees available opportunities within UK.

Supervisors recommend their employees for opportunities, then our advisors match skills to jobs.

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How it works

Employees temporarily pivot and apply their skills to the work that’s in front of us now.

Jobs are matched to skills using a three-pass verification.

  1. Employee skill profiles
  2. Home supervisor recommendations
  3. Advisor reviews

New supervisors approve candidates and then the employee is assigned to the opportunity.

Home units continue to support employees' current benefits. New units continue to pay employees at their regular rate.

Posting a job takes less than 3 minutes

Types of work

We're matching workers with nearly all types of work:

  • Shorter term and longer term
  • Part time and full time
  • Learning opportunities and applied work
  • Remote and on site

Based on needs and skills, our special assignment advisors will find a great fit for you.


Attention to Detail

Customer Service


General Computer Skills

General Office Skills

Microsoft Office

Customer Support

Phone Support


Administrative Support



Computer use

follow instructions

Microsoft Excel