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2 months ago Workshop on Parenting Children with Special Needs

This workshop will discuss the unique experience of parenting children with high or individualized support needs and share potential strategi

1 year ago Real Talk with Work-Life Therapists

Real Talk with Work-Life Therapists, Topic: Parenting

1 month ago Workshop on Parenting in a Diverse World

Teaching children about diversity, equity, and inclusion can feel intimidating.

1 year ago Children & Mental Health: Know When to Get Help

This workshop will offer tips for determining when and if your children may be experiencing mental health distress or challenges.

1 week ago Workshop on the parent-grandparent partnership: How it can work for you

As parents, it can be a challenging to find time and resources to meet the ever-growing needs of our children.

1 year ago Working parents network meeting: Staying fit in winter

“Staying Fit in Winter” by Dr. Carrie Davidson  

1 year ago Working parents presentation on healthy-ish eating during a pandemic

Guest speaker Karen McNees joins us to discuss “healthy-ish eating" and how to feed your family during the pandemic.