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1 month ago Work-Life workshop on Reframing Stress at Work and in Life

We often find that stress in one part of our life negatively impacts other parts of our lives.

1 year ago Work-Life ROCKS! Virtual Series: Work & Family Harmony

R: Resilience, O: Optimism, C: Compassion, K: Knowledge, S: Self-Care

1 year ago Calm Mind, Calm Body

Did you know yoga can be as good for your mind as it is for your body?

1 year ago Work-Life presentation on working towards goals during uncertain times

Guest speaker Rhonda Henry, CSW, Work-Life Therapist presents: ”Springing Forward: Working on Goals During Uncertain Times.”

1 year ago Work-Life presentation on feeling stretched too thin

Azetta Beatty, HR Manager, Office of Work-Life presents: "Feelieng Stretched Too Thin. Now What?"

1 year ago Work-Life presentation on music and the gift of presence

Music is an important (but often underappreciated) source of self-care and wellness.

7 months ago Presentation on communicating effectively during hybrid and remote work

Communication is very important, no matter your work schedule or work style.