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1 year ago Work-life presentation on managing family and work

Managing family life and workload

9 months ago Work-Life workshop on Building Resilient Relationships

This program will explore identifying and overcoming barriers and ruts in existing relationships with partners, friends, and family.

1 year ago Work-Life presentation on how to beat burnout

Learn about what is happening in the brain and body when we begin to feel burned out.

1 month ago Workshop on college funding: Financial aid, scholarships & UK tuition discounts

Are you a UK working parent trying to figure out how to plan and pay for college for your child(ren) (middle, high school or college

10 months ago Elder Care presentation on VA aid and attendance and caregiver support program

VA Aid & Attendance and Caregiver Support Program

1 year ago Work-Life presentation on personal productivity hacks

The events of the past year have caused most adults to rethink personal productivity and work-life balance.

8 months ago Work-Life workshop on Reframing Stress at Work and in Life

We often find that stress in one part of our life negatively impacts other parts of our lives.