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1 year ago Working parents workshop on strategies for helping middle and high schoolers flourish

Adolescence is a critical time for self-discovery and creating healthy habits. This workshop will share strategies and tips for how to help y

3 months ago Productivity Mondays: Productivity vs. procrastination

Participants will explore common reasons for procrastination, as well as how to identify and combat procrastination tendencies.

1 year ago Work-Life presentation on winter fitness tips

Dr. Carrie Davidson joins us to share winter fitness tips.

11 months ago Workshop on Parenting Children with Special Needs

This workshop will discuss the unique experience of parenting children with high or individualized support needs and share potential strategi

2 years ago Working Parents Network Meeting: "Family Time All Day Long"

This workshop focuses on acknowledging that we are all spending a lot of time with family, yet we have to manage our moods, attitudes, self-c

2 years ago Real Talk with Work-Life Therapists

Real Talk w/Work-Life Therapists, TOPIC: Sleep Difficulty

2 years ago Working parents network meeting: Staying fit in winter

“Staying Fit in Winter” by Dr. Carrie Davidson