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Course Description

Access: Forms and Reports

Learn how to create and modify forms and reports in Access. Read more »

Access: Introduction

Get an introduction to Access to understand its benefits and perform basic tasks including entering data and running queries. Read more »

Access: Queries

Learn about the different types of queries in Access and how to use them.  Read more »

Acrobat Pro: Introduction

Get started with Adobe Acrobat Professional to begin working with and creating Acrobat documents. Read more »

Addressing Family Conflict

This presentation will focus on the origins of family conflict and offer suggestions on how to interrupt cycles of arguing, disagreements and negotiating rules within the family. Read more »

Advanced Concur Online Booking Tool

In this hands-on computer class, you will learn advanced features of Concur and your feedback on the use of Concur will also be solicited. Please bring a fully-charged laptop computer with you to class. This class is for experienced Concur users only. Read more »

Advice for Working from Home

Whether remote work is a temporary situation, or it’s more long-term, tips in this session will help you adjust, become more efficient and stay productive. Read more »

Agreements for Thriving

Explore ways you can choose to manage yourself in a way that keeps you thriving, even when dealing with change. Read more »

Basic Computer Skills Workshop

This workshop is designed for individuals who have little or no computer experience and want to improve their skills. Read more »

Basics of Diversity

Learn about all the dimensions in which individuals are different and how to create an environment that encourages appreciation of diversity instead of biases. Read more »

Basics of Leadership

We'll explore the topic conceptually and practically to become the best leader each of us can be.  Read more »

Behavior Based Interviewing 1-Day Session

After attending the Behavior Based Interviewing 1-Day training session, you will have a better understanding of: The concept of behavior based interviewing. Read more »

Best Practices in Project Management

Learn from experienced project managers about the concepts, terms, tools and techniques needed to communicate about, organize, monitor and successfully complete projects. Read more »

Boundary Busters

Explore your own boundaries and those actions of others that bust your boundaries and block effective communication and teamwork. Read more »

Build Your Own Self-Compassion Meditation

Offering kindness to ourselves can be a powerful tool when we inevitably struggle. Read more »

Building a Climate of Trust

Learn your role as a supervisor or leader in developing a trusting workplace environment and strategies to make it happen. Read more »

Building Professional Relationships

Learn how to present yourself in a way that shows you keep an open mind and maintain open and honest communication, and that you stick to your convictions as diplomatically as possible. Read more »

Captivate: Advanced Interactions

This Captivate workshop is designed for both new users as well as experienced Captivate users. Read more »

Captivate: Enhancing Your Project

Now that you have a basic understanding of Adobe Captivate, it's time to add more creativity and functionality to your project. Read more »

Captivate: Introduction

Learn how to create a professional quality web-based tutorial that goes beyond screen capture. Read more »

Cash Handling Operations

What are the University's cash operations policies and procedures? Who is responsible for cash handling operations at the University? During this workshop, we will undergo an examination of the University's Cash Operations. Read more »


This team workshop is based on the CliftonStrengths Assessment, with an emphasis on building a team's success upon each individual's strengths. Read more »

Coaching and Feedback

Uncover talent, strengthen your team, and positively and constructively guide employees. Read more »

Coaching Yourself

Learn how to turn up the volume on the inner coach to live with less internalized criticism and more resiliency, creativity, self-regulation and connection to purpose. Read more »

Collaborative Problem Solving with Children and Teens

Use collaborative problem solving with children and teens to improve flexible thinking, frustration tolerance, parent-child bonding and conflict resolution. Read more »

Communicating Across Cultures

Becoming more aware of our cultural differences and similarities will help us communicate with each other more effectively. Read more »

Communicating Expectations as a Supervisor of Remote Workers

Get tips for clearly communicating expectations related to schedules, tasks, availability, attendance, processes and procedures. Read more »

Communicating Mindfully

Explore how communicating mindfully nourishes and strengthens relationships. Read more »

Communicating With Success

Learn communication skills to help you drive effective decision making, teamwork and action. Read more »

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and Eating Locally

Discover how you can bring fresh, local produce to your table and support local farmers. Read more »


This course will provide supervisors an overview of the university's compensation process and topics including pay equity and job classification. Read more »

Concur Online Booking Tool

In this hands-on computer class, you will learn how to make air, hotel and rental car arrangements for official University business travel. Please bring a fully-charged laptop computer with you to class. Read more »

Corrective Action

This course will provide supervisors an overview of the university's corrective action process and related forms. Read more »

COVID-19 Hygiene Best Practices

10 min. course | Simple solutions for social distancing, self-care, and workplace cleaning during COVID-19 response. Read more »

Creating a Resilient Mindset

Learn what resiliency is, why it matters and how to develop a more resilient mindset. Read more »

Cultivating Habits that Last

Get tangible tips and create an action plan to design and achieve change that lasts using the innovative approach of Tiny Habits. Read more »

Developing a Winning Image

Learn how to build your personal brand, grow and nurture your network and more. Read more »


This team session places an emphasis on team communication and how individuals can use their awareness to better communicate, manage and solve conflicts. Read more »

Distance University New Employee Orientation

If your work location is more than 40 miles from University main campus, you may apply for a Distance University New Employee Orientation packet in lieu of attending the 4 and a half hour session. Read more »

Don't Be A Cover Band: Discovering Your Life Purpose

This interactive presentation will describe the steps to create your own life purpose statement.  Read more »

Don't Believe Everything You Think

Understand how to identify and manage anxiety and worry. Read more »

Dreamweaver: Designing with CSS

This class will help you understand the basic theory of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), basic CSS formatting, how CSS is used on a web page and how to integrate CSS into a web page to create a fully functional web page layout. Read more »

Dreamweaver: Introduction

This class will introduce you to the Dreamweaver user interface for the purpose of creating, editing and managing web content. Read more »

Effective Business Writing

Using clear, concise, and professional communication is essential to effective business writing. Read more »

Emotional Eating

Learn how to tame emotional eating by understanding more about this common coping strategy and using self-reflection. Read more »

Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Learn about emotional intelligence, how you can increase it and use it, especially when facing challenges. Read more »

Employee Coaching and Development

This course will provide supervisors an overview of the university's corrective action process and related forms. Read more »

Essential Building Blocks of Well-Being

Explore tangible, research-based practices and techniques to engage, re-connect and flourish more in life. Read more »

Evaluating Remote Workers' Performance

We share strategies and best practices for coaching employees, providing feedback and evaluating the performance of your remote workers. Read more »

Excel: Charts and Graphs

Learn how to create a variety of charts and save them. Read more »

Excel: Data Tools and Time Savers

Explore useful tools to combine, separate, or extract data in a spreadsheet, look up data from another spreadsheet, protect your Excel worksheets and create Macros to automate repetitive tasks. Read more »

Excel: Functions and Filters

Learn how to use relative and absolute references, build formulas, work with Excel Functions, apply sorting and filtering tools and use conditional formatting. Read more »

Excel: Introduction

Learn how to organize, format, and calculate data with formulas in a spreadsheet. Read more »

Excel: Pivot Tables

Learn how to use this powerful tool to dynamically analyze Excel data sets. Read more »

Facing the Challenge of Change

Discover your personal change style and better understand resilience and coping strategies for nonstop change. Read more »

Family-Friendly Meal Planning

Discover healthy-ish tips you can use to create more family meal wins. Read more »

From Deciding to Doing

Learn how to think critically about your goals and how you can prepare, so that any goal is within reach Read more »

Generations in the Workplace

Learn how each generation defines success and investigate the differences that impact communication and relationships in the work environment. Read more »

Grocery Shopping and Food Label Tips

We'll give you easy take-home tips to demystify those grocery aisles. Read more »

Group Problem Solving

Explore an in-depth and inclusive approach to problem solving. Read more »

Healthful Eating on the Go

Learn practical tips for healthful eating when time is tight and you are away from home. Read more »

Healthy Eating Made Simple

Learn how to cut through the nutritional noise and build a fabulous and fad-free healthful plate. Read more »

Hiring and Interviewing

Learn how the university handles record retention, as well as behavioral interviewing and documentation practices to utilize throughout the interview process. Read more »

HR Policies and Procedures

Get an overview to understand the difference between our university's administrative regulations, governing regulations and business procedures. Read more »

HR Supports Employee Well-Being

​Hear about the well-being benefits and resources available to UK employees, as well as how to get connected to them. Read more »

HR Well-Being Resource Table

Well-being experts will provide an interactive experience for employees, retirees and spouses to learn about what we offer. Read more »

I Need A Vacation From the Holidays

While the holidays can be a joyful time, the holidays can also be difficult especially for those experiencing grief, Seasonal Affect Disorder, stress and/or anxiety Read more »

Identify and Address Workplace Bullying

Learn about what bullying is, what it is not, and how it is addressed in Human Resources Policies and Procedures Read more »

Illustrator: Introduction

Learn how to use the Illustrator workspace to create and edit basic vector graphics. Read more »

Implementing a Hybrid Work Culture

​Hybrid teams operate between multiple locations – where some employees work remotely, some work onsite, or they may do both. Read more »

InDesign: Introduction

This workshop will introduce you to the InDesign user interface and show you how to work with text, images, and styles in a basic layout. Read more »

Ins and Outs of Strength Training

Better understand the benefits of strength training, whether you're only beginning or want to improve your current regimen. Read more »

Integrating Work and Life: Making Choices

Discover the vibrant relationship between achievement and fulfillment in both work and life.  Read more »

Introduction to Endowments

The University of Kentucky's endowment exists to support the institutional mission and operations of the University over the long term such that both current and future generations of students receive benefits from the endowment. Read more »

Key Skills for Delegation

This workshop will provide supervisors with information about their own delegation preferences and how to get more done by efficiently utilizing the skills of their employees. Read more »

Laughter is the Best Medicine

​A good laugh has great short-term benefits on both your mental and physical health, including stress reduction.  Read more »

Leading Effective Teams

Learn positive steps you can take to create an empowering climate and influence your team to succeed. Read more »

Leading Virtual Meetings

10 min. course | Learn techniques to help facilitate effective virtual meetings so that your team will stay more engaged, resulting in successful goals and objectives. Read more »

Leading Your Service Provider

Gain insight into how welcoming, orienting and training your new service provider pays off for your end customers. Read more »

Legal Considerations: The Dos and Don'ts

This class will help decipher the dos, don'ts and why's of what is appropriate and inappropriate to discuss in an interview. Read more »

Liberating Structures

Learn how to choose and facilitate methods for engaging everyone, at all levels, to contribute. Read more »

Loosen Up!

We'll lead you through a short, guided routine of stretching and chair yoga to undo tension and stress from the workday. Read more »

Managing a Hybrid Team

​Managing a high-performing team is vital to the success of your department and the university – whether it be a fully onsite, fully remote, or hybrid team. Read more »

Managing Performance in a Hybrid Workplace

When leading any team, and particularly a hybrid team, managing performance is critical to the success of your department and the mission of the university. Read more »

Managing Remote Workers

Tips on how managers can better support remote employees. Read more »

Managing Staff Conflict

Learn how to diagnose conflict issues, identify the three stages of conflict and apply five conflict management strategies. Read more »

Managing Stress and Building Resiliency

Learn better strategies to manage stress and life's challenges, especially during adverse times. Read more »

Meditation 101

Learn how to get started meditating and feel the benefits of mindful stillness during easy practices in a non-judgmental setting. Read more »

Meeting Focus

Meetings can get a bad reputation when they're not effective – make your meetings enhance productivity. Read more »

Microsoft 365: Overview

This overview covers the basics of logging into Office 365 and navigating through the different online apps such as Outlook, OneDrive, Word, and OneNote. Read more »

Microsoft Teams: Overview

Learn how this collaboration tool can help improve communication and enhance productivity Read more »

Mindful Self-Compassion

This four-week workshop series provides an opportunity to learn, practice and bring more self-compassion into our lives Read more »

Mindfulness for Health Care Workers

Mindful actions and perspectives can make a big difference during difficult times. Read more »

Mindfulness in the Workplace

These practices improve emotional well-being, reduce stress and burnout, and enhance communication, creativity and collaboration. Read more »

Moving More at Work or Home

We'll talk about a variety of ways to move more at work or at home and show you how to incorporate these exercises throughout the day. Read more »

Not Quite Business as Usual: Navigating Conflict and Change

Let's talk about the common feelings and reactions that come with change and the unknown.  Read more »

OneNote: Introduction

Learn how to use this digital notebook that provides a flexible way to gather information and helps teams work together more effectively. Read more »

Organizational Ethics

There are distinct ethical dilemmas that arise within an organizational structure, which produce different problems for different people depending on roles & responsibilities. Read more »

Outlook: Calendar Features

Learn how to customize your calendar and how to create appointments and meetings, invite meeting participants, and share calendars.  Read more »

Outlook: Introduction

Learn the tools that you need to navigate the Outlook screen, work effectively with e-mail and manage your contact information.  Read more »

Outlook: Managing Email Effectively

Learn how to tame your email inbox with organizational tools such as search folders, follow-up flags, color categories, quick steps and rules. Read more »

Parenting and Work-Life

Discuss the reality and challenges of maintaining harmony between one's work and life responsibilities while being a good parent that prioritizes child care and home life. Read more »

Performance Evaluation

This workshop will provide supervisors an overview of the university's performance evaluation process and related forms. Read more »

Personality Differences

Explore what personality differences mean and how to turn stress and irritations into understanding and productivity. Read more »

Photoshop: Editing Techniques, Effects and Filters

Learn advanced features such as various masking techniques, add special effects using layer styles, and edit photos with filters and adjustments.  Read more »

Photoshop: Introduction

Learn about the program interface and its basic image editing features. Read more »

Photoshop: Marketing Material Design

This workshop covers several techniques that can be used to create innovative, high quality marketing materials such as flyers, handouts and business cards. Read more »

Pleasurable Activities in a Time of Physical Distancing

With an emphasis on creativity, innovation, and mindfulness, we will explore ways to cultivate pleasurable activities wherever you may be. Read more »

PowerPoint: Engaging Presentations

Learn how to develop multiple slide masters, save a custom presentation theme, effectively use transitions, add and modify SmartArt and use action buttons to create non-linear presentations. Read more »

PowerPoint: Graphics and Animation

Learn how to use various graphic types, insert shape objects, create unique graphics by modifying images, apply animation to slide objects and animate objects with motion paths. Read more »

PowerPoint: Introduction

Learn how to navigate the PowerPoint interface, insert slides, add basic content to slides, use the Slide Master, and present your completed slideshow.  Read more »

Premiere Pro: Introduction

This introduction to video editing software will show you how to set up a project, import videos, and arrange them on a timeline to produce a basic video composition. Read more »

Presentation Practice

This workshop provides the opportunity to put into practice what was learned in Presentation Principles. Read more »

Presentation Principles

This workshop is designed for the professional who occasionally, or frequently, makes presentations. Read more »

Prioritizing Well-Being At Work

For supervisors, we'll review the ways HR supports employee well-being and you'll discover what you can make possible for your team. Read more »

Providing Exceptional Customer Service

Learn what exceptional customer service is and why it matters, and then develop an action plan. Read more »

Reframing in Times of Stress: Strategies to Change Your Thinking

​When facing potential stressors, the way we view what we're experiencing can exacerbate our stress — or minimize it. Read more »

Remote Work and Caregiving

This presentation will highlight some challenges and solutions that come with remote work as well as offer tips for managing caregiver responsibilities while working remotely. Read more »

Retirement: More than Financial Security

This discussion will focus on planning for your emotional well-being during retirement and how to prepare for this. Read more »

Self-Care Strategies

Learn 7 practical tips for supporting psychological and emotional health. Read more »

Self-Care. In Place.

Find ways to incorporate self-care into daily life. Read more »

Staying Connected When Working Remotely

Learn what you as a supervisor can do to manage your team from a distance to ensure inclusion, engagement with work and social connection. Read more »

Stress Management for First Responders

If you're a medical, law enforcement, social worker or other first responder, we'll discuss ways to manage this unique stress. Read more »

Striking a Balance to Support All Employees from a Distance

Learn how to support all your employees when working remotely with intentional check-ins, engagement, inclusion and adjustments. Read more »

Suicide Prevention QPR

QPR stands for: Question, Persuade, and Refer — 3 simple steps that anyone can learn to help save a life from suicide. Read more »

Suicide Prevention Using QPR: Question, Persuade and Refer

These are three simple steps that anyone can learn to help save a life from suicide. It's important to remember suicide is everyone's business. Read more »

Supervisor Strategies to Support the Working Caregiver

Get tips on how supervisors can support their employees that are providing care for an aging loved one. Read more »

SV Americans with Disabilities Act WB

This course will provide Supervisors with information related to the American with Disabilities Act to ensure proper compliance at the University of Kentucky. Read more »

SV Creating Effective Teams

This course will provide Supervisors with information about how to create effective and successful teams. Read more »

SV Creating Effective Teams WB

This course will provide Supervisors with information about how to create effective and successful teams. Read more »

SV Fundamentals of Diversity

This course will provide Supervisors with an understanding of the University of Kentucky's commitment to Diversity and how to handle issues that may arise in their department. Read more »

SV Fundamentals of Diversity VC

This course will provide Supervisors with an understanding of the University of Kentucky's commitment to Diversity and how to handle issues that may arise in their department. Read more »

SV HR Policies and Procedures

This course will provide Supervisors with an overview of the University's HR Policies and Procedures. Read more »

SV HR Policies and Procedures VC

This course is part two in a two part series for SV Human Resources Policies and Procedures. Both courses (wbt and virtual) must be completed in order to receive credit for this training. Read more »

SV HR Policies and Procedures WB

This course is part one in a two part series for SV Performance Evaluation. Both courses (wbt and virtual instructor led) must be completed in order to receive credit for this training module. Read more »

SV Managing a Safe Workplace

This course will provide Supervisors with an overview of the various divisions of Environmental Health and Safety. Read more »

SV Managing a Safe Workplace WB

This course will provide Supervisors with an overview of the various units of the University of Kentucky's Environmental Health and Safety division. Read more »

SV Performace Evaluation WB

This course is part one in a two part series for SV Performance Evaluation. Both courses (wbt and virtual instructor led) must be completed in order to receive credit for this training module. Read more »

SV Preventing Discrimination and Harassment

This course will provide Supervisors an overview of Preventing Discrimination and Harassment by reviewing actual case scenarios with a representative from the Office of Institutional Equity and Equal Opportunity. Read more »

SV Preventing Discrimination and Harassment VC

This course will provide Supervisors an overview of Preventing Discrimination and Harassment by reviewing actual case scenarios with a representative from the Office of Institutional Equity and Equal Opportunity. Read more »

SV Supervisor's Toolkit

This course will provide Supervisors with information related to various tools available to help them assist their employees. Read more »

SV Supervisor's Toolkit WB

This course will provide Supervisors with information related to various tools available to help them assist their employees. Read more »

SV UK Overview WB

This course will provide Supervisors with an overview of the University of Kentucky by reviewing information related to the background, culture, and influencing forces that have shaped our university. Read more »

Taking Care of Yourself

We'll explain many ways to add more care and nurturing to your everyday life so that you can be at your best at work and beyond. Read more »

Teamwork in a Changing Workplace

Explore just why working together as a team is so important to the success of the university as well as your personal success. Read more »

Techniques for Calm: Guided Imagery and Deep Breathing

Calm the body and mind any time with these experiential practices. Read more »

Teen Talk: Communicating with Your Teen and Pre-Teen

​Let's talk about how the teen brain works, identify roadblocks to communication, how to improve communication and when you and your teen may need professional support. Read more »

Thinking Critically

Learn how creativity connects to critical thinking and how to use both to identify and solve root problems. Read more »

Train the Trainer

Learn how to conduct structured, systematic, on-the­-job training. Read more »

Travel Services

In this lecture presentation class, you will learn policy and procedures for arranging official University business travel. Read more »

Understanding Grief and Loss

This presentation focuses on understanding grief as it relates to all types of loss, validating and exploring the grieving process and incorporates loss related to COVID-19. Read more »

University New Employee Orientation

All University of Kentucky employees are required to attend University New Employee Orientation. Read more »

Using Time Wisely

Learn how to be more productive and get the satisfaction of checking off items on your to-do list. Read more »

What to Do About Bad Attitude Behaviors

Learn how you can contribute to reducing bad attitude behaviors in your work area. Read more »

Who Am I and How Did I Get Here?

Explore the challenges of identity, life transitions and purpose. Read more »

Word: Beyond Basic Documents

Learn how to easily manage longer documents with section breaks and style formatting. Read more »

Word: Introduction

Learn the basics of navigating through documents, as well as selecting, moving and formatting text, check spelling and grammar, utilize AutoCorrect features and insert a picture into a document. Read more »

Work-Life Balance for Faculty

​This presentation will focus on strategies and practices to navigate the world of academia while balancing personal lives with partners, children and overall well-being. Read more »

Work-Life Boundaries

Learn tips to help you effectively manage your work schedule as well as maintain boundaries between your work and your life. Read more »

Work-Life Management

Learn helpful tips for effectively integrating your work and life. Read more »

Workplace Grief

If your group has experienced the death of a co-worker, we can offer information about the cycle of grief, reactions to grief and managing grief in the workplace. Read more »

Your Mindset Matters

Learn about the concept of growth mindset and how it can be utilized for both work and personal goals. Read more »