50 Best Jobs for Your Personality

Farr, Michael & Shatkin, Laurence, ©2009, 978-1-59357-657-8

From Amazon.com: Research has proven that matching your personality to a career brings work satisfaction and success. With this best-selling book's help, you discover your personality type and the 50 best jobs that relate to it. Part I overviews how personality relates to careers. Part II features a self-assessment for determining your personality type: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising or Conventional. Part III contains the best job lists, including the 50 best jobs overall for each personality type. Other lists for each personality type include the best-paying jobs, jobs with the highest projected growth, best jobs based on education lever, best part-time jobs, and best jobs for the self-employed--145 best jobs lists in all. In Part IV, you find a gold mine of facts about the 50 best jobs for each of the six personality types & 300 job descriptions.

120 Jobs That Won't Chain You to Your Desk

The Staff of The Princeton Review, ©2007, 978-0-375-76598-8

From Amazon.com: Do you dread the thought of wearing a suit and sitting in front of a computer screen all day? 120 Jobs That Won't Chain You to Your Desk highlights those dream jobs that won't leave you with desk-job slouch at the end of the day. Each job profile in the book includes quotes from people in the field as well as practical advice on launching a career. Some of the jobs profiled require college (and even an advanced degree), some require professional school, and some others simply require a very strong individual will. Many of these professions are tempting but might seem out of reach, since the path is not as direct (or well-traveled) as, say, that for an aspiring attorney or an accountant.

Career Choices and Changes

Bingham, Mindy & Stryker, Sandy, ©2005, 1-878787-16-0

From Amazon.com: Though this new offering is laid out to resemble an attractive journal, Career Choices and Changes is actually a carefully designed, self-paced, decision-making process that leads readers through some of life’s most important decisions. Never preachy, the book contains a variety of questionnaires, self-evaluation exercises, quizzes and Internet resources that empower individuals to think seriously about their career and lifestyle options. There is nothing like it on the bookstore shelves today. At first glance it is humorous, simplistic, and playful. And yet once you get into it, it is profound, compelling and serious and ultimately life-changing. Whoever takes the time to work through this process will come away with a new sense of what is possible in their lives. Whether you are entering the workforce for the first time, or re-evaluating your career path, Career Choices and Changes will turn a daunting and intimidating decision into a non-threatening and, yes even fun adventure.

Career Management and Work Life Integreation:  Using Self-Assessment to Navigate Contemporary Careers

Harrington, Brad & Hall, Douglas T., ©2007, 978-1-4129-3745-0

From Amazon.com: Career Management & Work/Life Integration: Using Self-Assessment to Navigate Contemporary Careers is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide to managing contemporary careers. Although grounded in theory, the book also provides an extensive set of exercises and activities that can guide career management over the lifespan. Authors Brad Harrington and Douglas T. Hall offer a highly useful self-assessment guide for students and other individuals who want to deal with the challenge of succeeding in a meaningful career while living a happy, well-balanced life.      

Career Match

Zichy, Shoya & Bidou, Ann, ©2007, 978-0-8144-7364-1

From Amazon.com: For some, a job is just a way to pay the bills. For others -- those whose careers fit their passions and personalities -- it is a source of great satisfaction and success. Career Match is designed to help people discover their ideal work. Using the author's revealing ten-minute self-assessment, the book helps readers determine their personality style, then walks them through the range of career choices best for them.  The book includes in-depth chapters for each personality type, detailed explanations of career options, and inspiring real-life stories of people who have found fulfillment in work that suits their personality. This invaluable resource will help anyone in need of direction match who they are with what they should do -- for a lifetime of gratifying work and greater success.

Coach Yourself to A New Career

Brown-Volkman, Deborah, ©2003, 978-0-595-296-583

From BarnesandNoble.com: The pathway to discovering your ultimate career is revealed when you discover yourself first.

Cool Careers for Dummies

Nemko, Marty, ©   2007, 978-0-470-11774-3

From Amizon.com: Sure, some people enter preschool knowing what they want to be when they grow up. But most of us aren't so lucky, and we don't get much help. Some parents say things like, "It's your life, you decide." Other parents go to the other extreme, expecting you to follow in their footsteps. In high school, you take a career test, but many high school students laugh at their test results: the utterly useless, "You could pursue a wide range of careers."  This revised edition of Cool Careers For Dummies provides insight into landing a job for anyone who doesn't know where to look, doesn't have time to look, or doesn't want to suffer through a long back-to-school stint. It's designed for people of all walks of life to uncover rewarding, viable careers or get in on the ground floor of the next Big Things. What's more, this guide even offers tips to make even a humdrum job much better.

Do What You Are

Tieger, Paul & Barron-Tieger, Barbara, ©1992, 0-316-84521-3

From Amazon.com: For over 10 years Do What You Are has helped hundreds of thousands of people find the job that suits their personality type best. It lists the wide array of occupations that are popular with your personality type, including today’s hottest career tracks in growth areas such as e-commerce, biotechnology, new media, and telecommunications. Throughout, the authors provide savvy career advice and highlight the strengths and pitfalls of each personality type with real-life examples.

Essentials of Career Interest Assessment

Prince, Jeffrey & Heiser, Lisa, ©2000, 0-471-35365-5

From Amazon.com: Essentials of Career Interest Assessment provides step-by-step advice for interpreting and using today’s most popular career interest assessments, including the Strong Interest Inventory™, the Campbell™ Interest and Skill Survey, the Self-Directed Search®, and other innovative career interest assessment tools. Providing essential information required to understand and evaluate these valuable instruments, this book will help you acquire the confidence and skills

Finding the Career That Fits You: Companion Workbook to Your Career In Changing Times

Burkett, Larry & Ellis, Lee, © 1998, 978-0-8024-2522-5

From Amazon.com: Job Security Is a Thing of the Past. In a time when companies are laying off thousands of people and 60 to 80 percent of employees are not satisfied with their jobs, many people are wondering if there is such a thing as job security and whether they can actually enjoy their work - after all, if you spend most of your waking hours doing something, you at least should like it.  According to Lee Ellis and Larry Burkett, you can find the career that fits you. You can enjoy your work. It's just a matter of assessing who you are, knowing your strengths and interests, and discovering the kind of work that will utilize those talents. In this new edition of Finding the Career That Fits You, you will discover the person God made you to be through insightful looks at your personality, skills, life values, and vocational interests. All statistics and resources have been updated and the latest information on using the Internet in your job search has been added. Ellis and Burkett will walk you through the job-search process and give you the confidence you need to start or change your career - and your life!

Follow Your True Colors To The Work You Love

Kaili, Carolyn, ©2005, 1-893320-28-6

From Amazon.com: So many people hate their jobs yet are afraid to leave because they don't know what else to do. Finally a book has come along that takes the mystery out of the job search process by showing readers what their natural gifts and talents are, and how this information leads them to the work they love to do. Readers are introduced to the True Colors Personality System and taken on an inner journey to discover their unique strengths and how to use them in a rewarding career filled with self-expression, passion and success.  Follow Your True Colors to the Work You Love is so much more than just another career book about how to find a job. The author demonstrates how she dealt with self-esteem issues and reclaimed her own true self, discovering her life's work in the process. From her twenty-five years of experience as a career counselor, she shares stories of people she has helped to find the work they love.

Finding Your Way in a Wild New World: Reclaim Your True Nature to Create the Life You Want

Martha Beck, ©2011, 978-1-45162448-9

From Amazon.com: Finding Your Way in a Wild New World is a remarkable path to the most important discovery you can make: the knowledge of what you should be doing with your one wild and precious life. It’s a journey to the thing that so fulfills you that, if someone told you, “It’s right outside—but watch out—it could kill you!” you’d run straight toward it, through the screen door without even opening it. Life coach and bestselling author of Finding Your Own North Star Martha Beck guides you to find out how you got to where you are now and what you should do next with clear, concrete instructions on tapping into the deep, wordless knowledge you carry in your body and soul. There are certain people who sense that they are called to do something fulfilling and significant, but who often get caught in self-destructive, unproductive cycles. This is the book that will lead you to unleash your incredible creative energy—and fulfill your life’s purpose.

I Could Do Anything

Sher, Barbara, ©1994, 0-385-30788-8

From Amazon.com: Isn't It Time You Followed Your RealDreams?  This extraordinary bookis designed to help you achieve them. In it,Barbara Sher goes beyond the groundbreaking principlesintroduced in her phenomenal number one bestseller, Wishcraft. Here she adds animportant new element to the practical advice,success secrets, and motivational techniques that havetransformed so many lives... because thousands ofpeople have told her that they can't get what theywant because they just don't know whatthey want.  Do those words soundfamiliar? If so, you have a common problem, andthere is a solution. And Barbara Sher has a surprisefor you. You Do know what youwant. Your life is filled with clues. Everything youdo, or don't do, has a good reason behind it. Withprofound wisdom and reassurance, she helps youpeel away the layers, reveal your true hopes andaspirations, and discover exactly what has beenholding you back. Because whatever it is Can BeRemoved.

It's Only Too Late If You Don't Start Now

Sher, Barbara, ©1998, 0-385-31505-8

From BarnesandNoble.com: Combining step-by-step strategies with provocative exercises and motivational techniques, this extraordinary book reminds you of the dreams you abandoned along the path to adulthood, providing all the tools you will need to weave those aspirations into a richly textured, meaningful life. Beginning with the empowering notion that everyone has a future, Barbara Sher shows you how to turn each of midlife's challenges into a catalyst for dynamic change. Indeed, no matter what your age, it's only too late--to reclaim your creativity, recapture your long-lost dreams, and embark on an exciting new life--if you don't start right now!

Just Around the Corner: A Baby Boomer's Guide to a Career or Job Change

Grahn, Barbara, ©2004, 1-4184-7090-2

From Amazon.com: Have you worked for 10 or 20 years in the same job and now feel bored and unchallenged? Have you been out of the workplace for many years and don't know how to get back on the career track? Have you lost passion for your current career? Will you soon retire and don't know what to do with your time? Well, help is just around the corner! Waking up each morning excited about how you spend your day is everyone's dream. Whether you want to start a new career or find some passion for what you do, using the methods in this book will help you find a career that fits you perfectly.

Life's a Bitch and then You Change Careers

Kay, Andrea, ©2005, 1-58479-487-9

From Amazon.com: Most people agree there are few things worse than being stuck in a career you hate. It's not just the daily drudgery of work that has become tedious; it's also the hopeless feeling of life moving in the wrong direction and not knowing how to turn it around. Renowned career consultant Andrea Kay knows it's possible for people in such predicaments to make a change, and in this book she offers her time-tested, nine-step program to show you how. The process begins with readers doing some soul-searching to define a career objective that's based on who they are, not what others think they should be. The author then offers a methodical plan for successfully making the shift, addressing every issue from research and training to networking and interviewing to ultimately landing that new job. Along the way, she provides helpful exercises and real-life examples of clients who have made the transition to a happier working life. Kay's personable writing style, vast knowledge, and years of experience make this life-changing book the next best thing to one-on-one sessions with one of the best career counselors in the country.

Luck is No Accident: Making the Most of Happenstance in Your Life and Career

Krumholtz, John D., ©2010, 978-1886230033

From Amazon.com: Unplanned events — chance occurrences — more often determine life and career choices than all the careful planning we do. A chance meeting, a broken appointment, a spontaneous vacation trip, a fill-in job, a hobby — these are the kinds of experiences that lead to unexpected life directions and career choices. Luck Is No Accident Second Edition, is the first career planning book that actively encourages readers to create their own unplanned events, to anticipate changing their plans frequently, to take advantage of chance events when they happen, and to make the most of what life offers. Krumboltz is one of the most honored and highly respected psychologists in the career development field.

Second Acts

Pollan, Stephen M. & Levine, Mark, ©2003, 0-06-051487-6

From Amazon.com: You can have a second act. You can lead the life you've always wished, no matter your age or stage in life. These simple, encouraging words from life coach and financial expert Stephen M. Pollan sum up the inspiring goal of this book: how to create dramatic life changes -- second acts -- that will lead to personal fulfillment and happiness.  In this heartening new book, Stephen Pollan offers a powerful message that has given hope and guidance to his own clients: Most of the barriers to a rich and rewarding life are self-imposed -- and are absolutely surmountable.  Second Acts is a guide to reinventing your life.

Second Careers:  New Ways to Work after 50

Bird, Caroline, ©1992, 9780316095990      
From BarnesandNoble.com: 
This practical guide analyzed the career switches of 6,347 people over 50 in nearly 300 occupations. As the only record of its kind, it has horizon-broadening suggestions for people of any age who want to switch to work that better fits their talents, interests, and current lifestyle. Hundreds of switchers tell why they moved, what they had to learn, how they got their present jobs, and what's good and bad about them.

The Adventures of Johnny Bunko:  The Last Career Guide You'll Ever Need

Pink, Daniel H., ©2008, 978-1-59448-291-5

From NYTimes.com: "The ideal gift for those in need of a career shakeup who claim they have no time to even think about next steps." -- NYTimes.com

The Career Coward’s Guide to Changing Careers

Piotrowski, Katy, ©2008, 978-1-59357-390-4

The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People

by Eikleberry, Carol, ©1999, 0-58008-075-8

From Amazon.com: You don't have to stifle your creative impulses to pay the bills. For anyone who's ever been told, "Don't quit your day job," career counselor Carol Eikleberry is here to say, "Pursue your dreams!" Now in its third edition, her inspiring guide provides knowledgeable career guidance, real-life success stories, and eye-opening self-evaluation tools to help artistic individuals figure out how to remain different, unconventional, and hard-to-categorize while finding work they love.

The Pathfinder

Lore, Nicholas, ©1998, 0-684-82399-3

From Amazon.com: Author Nicholas Lore uses the techniques of his career-guidance network, the Rockport Institute, to make The Pathfinder a substitute for a great job counselor. Through goal setting, list making, and other techniques, the book leads readers though the process of deciding exactly what they want to do for a living and finding a way to make it happen. Lore realizes that people have different temperaments and decision-making methods, so he provides individualized advice to suit each one. He also understands that creating a new career requires courage as well as desire, so The Pathfinder devotes plenty of space to motivation and overcoming fears. While anyone looking for a new career will find direction with this guide, people who didn't know they were looking may decide to start once they go through Lore's probing self-examination process.

The Play of Your Life

Sabatino, Colleen, ©2004, 1-57954-964-0

From Publishers Weekly: Based on the premise that "the world is your stage and you are the star of your own life," this volume by career counselor Sabatino provides tools and ideas to help readers discover what "role" will satisfy and fulfill them and figure out how to make it happen in their careers. Like many engaging job guidebooks, this book is interactive, with frequent quizzes and exercises-some quite involved-that encourage readers to analyze their values, wants, needs and strengths. It offers advice on practical aspects of job seeking, such as creating a "script" (a great resume and compelling, customized cover letter), networking and interviewing-a.k.a. auditioning-which, like good acting, "is not just reading lines from a script. It requires a performance that ignites that producers’ imagination and lets them know you are capable of implementing their vision." This volume should appeal to those who believe they’re ready for a great career change.

The Power of Uniqueness: How to Become Who You Really Are

Miller, Arthur & Hendricks, William, ©1999, 0-310-24288-6

From Amazon.com: Based on the idea that every person is endowed from birth with a unique pattern of competencies and motivations, or giftedness, this book describes your Motivated Abilities Pattern (MAP), which indicates your personal giftedness and encourages you to pursue your unique calling and live a purposeful life that is highly productive and richly satisfying.Formerly titled Why You Can't Be Anything You Want to Be.

What Should I Do with My Life?

 Bronson, Po, ©2002, 0-375-50749-3

From Amazon.com: In What Should I Do with My Life? Po Bronson tells the inspirational true stories of people who have found the most meaningful answers to that great question. With humor, empathy, and insight, Bronson writes of remarkable individuals—from young to old, from those just starting out to those in a second career—who have overcome fear and confusion to find a larger truth about their lives and, in doing so, have been transformed by the experience. What Should I Do with My Life? Struck a powerful, resonant chord on publication, causing a multitude of people to rethink their vocations and priorities and start on the path to finding their true place in the world. For this edition, Bronson has added nine new profiles, to further reflect the range and diversity of those who broke away from the chorus to learn the sound of their own voice.

What's Your Type of Career

Dunning, Donna, ©2001, 0-89106-154-1

From Amazon.com:  Helps you discover what will most satisfy you in a job that meshes with your natural way of working.

Your Dream Career For Dummies (Career Education)

 McClelland, Carol L., ©2005, 9780764597954

From Amazon.com:  From identifying your needs to exploring your options -- make the right career move
Changing careers by choice or due to circumstances beyond your control? Have no fear -- this hands-on guide focuses on helping you find a new job, start a business, or return to school in a detailed, step-by-step manner. With concise, eye-opening self-assessments, you'll understand how to assess your current situation, explore various career ideas, and identify ways to utilize your talents and skills in jobs that suit your lifestyle. You'll see how to build a career that lets you express who you are, fulfill your needs and desires, and live the life you want!