301 Ways to Have FUN at Work

Hemsath, Dave & Yerkes, Leslie, ©1997, 1-57675-019-1

From Amazon.com: Dave Hemsath and Leslie Yerkes have long believed that work need not be bland and boring, and that a fun workplace is truly more productive than a dull one. To check their theory, they asked successful businesspeople worldwide if fun played a part in their corporate culture--and, if so, how it was actually manifested in everyday life. 301 Ways to Have Fun at Work is their lighthearted compendium of the most useful and creative replies.

Dig Your Job: Keep it or Find a New One

Hoffman, G.L., ©2008, 978-0-578-00458-7

From Amazon.com: The Not-So-Serious Career Handbook. Where Else Can You Get Over Two Hundred, Real World Tested Ideas for Finding a Better Job, or Protecting the One You Have? With DIG YOUR JOB, every single page can help spell the difference between finding a great job....and settling for one you hate. The ideas come at you fast and concisely. The author, himself a successful entrepreneur, has little time to waste. He writes directly, almost bluntly, but gives you the ideas with a healthy dose of humor...the book are as easy to read as comic book... a rarity today. This is NOT a boring book. Even though it is broken up in over 200 segments so that each one stands alone... we dare you to read just one.

Do More Great Work

Stanier, Michael Bungay, ©2010, 978-0-7611-5644-4

From Amazon.com: You work hard. You put in the hours. Yet you feel like you are constantly treading water with "Good Work" that keeps you going but never quite moves you ahead. Or worse, you are mired in "Bad Work"—endless meetings and energy-draining bureaucratic traps. Do More Great Work gets to the heart of the problem: Even the best performers are spending less than a fraction of their time doing "Great Work"—the kind of innovative work that pushes us forward, stretches our creativity, and truly satisfies us. Michael Bungay Stanier, Canadian Coach of the Year in 2006, is a business consultant who’s found a way to move us away from bad work (and even good work), and toward more time spent doing great work. When you’re up to your eyeballs answering e-mail, returning phone calls, attending meetings and scrambling to get that project done, you can turn to this inspirational, motivating, and at times playful book for invaluable guidance. In fifteen exercises, Do More Great Work shows how you can finally do more of the work that engages and challenges you, that has a real impact, that plays to your strengths—and that matters.

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

Pink, Daniel H., ©2011, 978-1594484803

From Amazon.com: Most people believe that the best way to motivate is with rewards like money—the carrot-and-stick approach. That's a mistake, says Daniel H. Pink (author of To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Motivating Others). In this provocative and persuasive new book, he asserts that the secret to high performance and satisfaction-at work, at school, and at home—is the deeply human need to direct our own lives, to learn and create new things, and to do better by ourselves and our world.

Enjoy! 101 Little Ways to Add FUN to Your Work Every Day

Scott, Susan Graham, ©2008, 978-0-8144-0985-5

From Amazon.com: Every year, we all find ourselves working harder, longer, and at a faster pace. Very few of us are working a forty-hour week anymore and many of us find it impossible to find time to relax much less find ways to make our jobs more enjoyable. Finally here is an antidote for overstressed workers everywhere. As an expert in personal and professional development, Gini Graham Scott has helped people all over the world find more enjoyment in their work and personal lives. In "Enjoy!" she shares her secrets for finding and creating more fulfillment at the office. Using examples from her workshops and interviews with psychologists and recreation professionals, she shows how to relieve stress, anxiety, and tedium from everyday life. Most of us spend more than a third of our lives at work. Finally, here is the book that can make that part of our lives infinitely more enjoyable.

Fun Works: Creating Places Where People Love to Work

Yerkes, Leslie, ©2007, 978-1-57675-408-5

From Amazon.com: Yerkes offers tips, examples, and motivation to help readers, their coworkers, and their customers unleash the power of fun in the workplace. Through real-life case studies and interviews with dozens of leading authors and everyday people, the author illustrates 11 principles of what she calls "The Work/Fun Fusion."

The Guide to A Happier Job: Thank God It's Monday

Chusmire, Leonard, ©1990, 0-452-26374-3

From Library Journal: American Management Assn., 1985), has written a practical, readable guide to the causes of and possible solutions to the problem of job dissatisfaction. The book is directed at individuals who are unhappy at work; those deciding on long-term career goals; students selecting a college major; and women returning to the work force. Readers are advised to take the included "Manifest Needs Questionnaire," which measures an individual's needs for achievement, affiliation, and power. Also included are bibliographical notes and a listing of jobs best fulfilling the needs mentioned above.

Happy Hour is 9 to 5

Kjerulf, Alexander, ©2007. From Amazon.com: Love your job and you'll be more productive, creative and motivated. You'll also be happier in life. Similarly, happy companies find they are more efficient, innovative and make more money than their unhappy competitors. The book is for anyone who wants to be happy at work whether you are an employee or a manager; a new hire or a grizzled veteran; work in a small startup, a huge corporation or the public sector; it will give you everything you need to make work fun, inspiring and energizing.

How to Feel Great At Work Every Day

by Brown-Volkman, Deborah, ©2007, 978-0-595-41263-1

From Amazon.com: What is your energy level like at work? Do you find yourself dragging during the day and craving sugar, caffeine, and other highly processed carbohydrates for energy? Let author Deborah Brown-Volkman show you how you can have high-energy even with a hectic schedule and busy life. How To Feel Great At Work Every Day guides you through creating a practical plan to finding more energy to fuel your career. Instead of complicated suggestions and ideas, this book offers easy-to-understand steps you can implement in your career today.

How to Love the Job You Hate

by Boucher, Jane, ©1994, 0-8407-7819-8

From Amazon.com: Boucher, a business consultant, professional speaker, and founder of Boucher Consultants--a nationally recognized firm specializing in effectiveness, professional growth, and communications--offers practical advice on how to increase job satisfaction by taking charge of a bad situation with positive new attitudes and behaviors.

Job Spa: 12 weeks to Refresh, Refocus, and Recommit to Your Career

Sindell, Milo & Sindell, Thuy, ©2008 978-1598694734

From BarnesandNoble.com: Does your boss ignore you? Is your career going nowhere? Are you just going through the motions? If so, you need a trip to the Job Spa. Inside, authors Milo Sindell and Thuy Sindell detail an easy-to-master program that shows you how to reengage with your work and approach your career with new levels of energy and enthusiasm. Doing so will enable you to:

  • Gain the respect of your boss and colleagues
  • Build valuable relationships in the workplace
  • Reconnect with fellow employees
  • Create and expand your professional network
  • Improve your listening skills

Love It Don't Leave It: 26 Ways to Get What You Want at Work

Kaye, Beverly and Jordan-Evans, Sharon, ©2003, 1-57675-250-X

From Amazon.com: Love It, Don't Leave It encourages employees to assume responsibility for the way their work lives work. This is not difficult, say authors Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans, who take a witty and practical approach to finding job satisfaction. Presented in an appealing, accessible A to Z format, the book includes strategies for communication, career growth, balancing work with family, and more. Chapters include "Ask: And You May Receive," "Jerk: Work with One?" "Passion: It’s Not Just a Fruit," and "Zenith: Are We There Yet?" The same breezy, results-minded style that made the authors’ Love 'Em or Lose 'Em a bestseller makes this follow-up a fun and inspiring read.

Love The Work You're With: Find the job You Always Wanted Without Leaving the One You Hate

Whiteley, Richard C, ©2001, 0-8050-6592-X

From Publishers Weekly: Finding happiness at work has more to do with an individual's attitudes and choices than it does with the job itself (which is why changing jobs doesn't always make people happier), contends business consultant Richard C. Whiteley (Customer-Centered Growth). With user-friendly insights and exercises, he aims to help readers Love the Work You're With: A Practical Guide to Finding New Joy and Productivity in Your Job, by uncovering their passion, finding their center and getting out of their own way.

Make Your Brain Work: How to Maximize Your Efficiency, Productivity and Effectiveness

Brann, Amy, ©2013, 978-0749467579

From Amazon.com: Using the latest insights from neuroscience about how our mind works and what really makes us tick, Make Your Brain Work explains how to be more effective in the workplace and to get maximum impact from minimum effort. Author Amy Brann is an expert in brain science, and she has distilled its key findings into non-technical, practical guidance. She presents an entirely different type of training: training based on the science of the mind. Offering soft skills training through the lens of neuroscience, her engaging book helps readers discover how to function at the top of their capabilities and learn the habits, techniques and behaviors that will get positive results.

Mindful Work: How Meditation Is Changing Business from the Inside Out

Gelles, David, ©2015, 978-0544227224

From Amazon.com: For the past few years, mindfulness has begun to transform the American workplace. Many of our largest companies, such as General Mills, Ford, Target, and Google, have built extensive programs to foster mindful practices among their workers. Mindful Work is the first book to explain how all sorts of businesses and any kind of worker can benefit from meditation, yoga, and other mindful techniques. As a business reporter for the New York Times who has also practiced meditation for two decades, David Gelles is uniquely qualified to chart the growing nexus between these two realms. As he proves, mindfulness lowers stress, increases mental focus, and alleviates depression among workers.

No More Dreaded Mondays: Ignite Your Passion - and Other Revolutionary Ways to Discover Your True Calling at Work

Miller, Dan, ©2008, 978-0-307-58877-7

From Amazon.com: For everyone who dreads going to work on Monday mornings, inspiring advice on how to find fulfilling work in an uncertain age. Do you hate Mondays? If so, what's keeping you at your current job? If you said a steady paycheck and the promise of a secure retirement, then you're in for a big disappointment. In today's volatile economy, there is nothing safe about punching the clock for a job you hate. As beloved talk-show host and bestselling author Dan Miller reveals, the only way to find true security is by following your calling and then finding or creating work that matches that calling and passion. No More Mondays’s practical, inspirational advice speaks to people looking for guidance on how to launch a new career or business, those who want to stay in their current jobs and give the old 9-to-5 model a twenty-first-century makeover, and managers desperate to understand the way people want to work today. For all of them, Dan Miller's message is loud and clear: If you're one of those people who dread going to work on Mondays, do something about it!

Stay or Leave

Gale, Berry, ©1989, 006096278X

From BarnesandNoble.com: The essential self-test system for making crucial career decisions. The authors of Discover What You're Best At help readers match personal strengths to success opportunities.

Take This Job and Love It!: How to Turn the job You Have Into the Job You Want

Tracy, Diane, ©2001, 0-7607-5911-1

From BarnesandNoble.com: With today's economy creating a job market fraught with frequent layoffs and high competition for employment, job security is at a premium. For some, changing jobs isn't an option. What to do, then, if you're miserable at work? Acclaimed career coach Diane Tracey's Take This Job and Love It! offers a practical blueprint showing how to take the job you have and turn it into the job you want. Through eight insightful profiles of people experiencing common career challenges, Tracy passes on her Four-Step Career Empowerment Process to help determine the real problem and suggests self-empowering moves to help resolve it. Whether it's a career plateau; a personality conflict with the boss; a need to escape the political trap; or finding the perfect balance between work and a personal life, Tracy leads the way to achieving fulfillment for both your career goals and personal needs.

The Third Age: Six Principles for Personal Growth and Rejuvenation after Forty

Sadler, William, ©2001, 978-0738204345

From Amazon.com: Medical and technological breakthroughs have given most of us the equivalent of a thirty-year life bonus. As a result, we face a new period in the middle of our lives, what Europeans call the third age, which challenges us to change the way we live and transform the way we age. But rediscovering a youthful spirit and staying truly involved in life demands an attitudinal shift, a resistance to outdated stereotypes, and an effort to balance the seemingly paradoxical pulls on our time and energy. Practically instructive and powerfully inspiring, The Third Age expertly guides us toward and through the second half of our lives.

Trajectory: 7 Career Strategies to Take You from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Van Rooy, David L., ©2014, 978-0814433904

From Amazon.com: When the economy's difficult and jobs aren't secure, people tend to focus on the short term ...on survival. But what they don't grasp is how their current position could be a springboard to their next position - or even the one after that. Caught between a fear of failure and a desire for instant success, they limit the risks they take, unwittingly limiting their opportunities. As much as they want to get ahead, they simply can't see how to get there. Trajectory is the answer. Each and every person has their own "trajectory" or career path - and this timely and refreshingly practical new book presents seven strategies designed to help anyone create and manage theirs.

The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself

Singer, Michael A., ©2007, 978-1572245372

From Amazon.com: Whether this is your first exploration of inner space, or you’ve devoted your life to the inward journey, this book will transform your relationship with yourself and the world around you. You’ll discover what you can do to put an end to the habitual thoughts and emotions that limit your consciousness. By tapping into traditions of meditation and mindfulness, author and spiritual teacher Michael A. Singer shows how the development of consciousness can enable us all to dwell in the present moment and let go of painful thoughts and memories that keep us from achieving happiness and self-realization.

Work is not a Four Letter Word

by Strasser, Stephen & Sena, John, ©1992, 1-55623-398-1

From Amazon.com: For millions of workers, job aggravation has become so acute that their personal lives, emotional stability, and even physical health is adversely affected. The "Dear Abby" of the workplace and his long-time coauthor show readers how to minimize or eliminate the five negative emotions that prevent people from achieving success, fulfillment and happiness in the workplace.

Work Yourself HAPPY

by Levine, Terri, ©2000, 0-9650534-3-1

From Amazon.com: Work Yourself Happy is a step by step guide to creating joy in your life and work. It offers the reader insights, experiences, fears and successes as a road map to moving towards what people want and need to be happy in their working lives. For some it may mean finding a new career. For others, simply changing parts of their current job. Some readers may want to stop work altogether and start their own business. Whatever the readers' situation, Work Yourself Happy will help them uncover their deepest desires; help them tap into the courage they'll need to face their fears and provide them with ideas and techniques they can use to begin creating a life they'll love.

You Don't Have to Go Home From Work Exhausted

by Cooper, Ann McGee, ©1990, 0-9625617-0-3

From Amazon.com: Are you tired of being tired?
Do you find yourself dragging out of bed each morning and dragging yourself to work? Do you come home at night and collapse in front of the TV? Do you feel as though your job is your life... or your life is a job? Here's your personal power pack! Plug into this action resource and discover how to recharge your batteries at a moment's notice. This practical, one-of-a-kind program is based on fascinating new research - from brain science to stress reduction - and has been tested extensively by the author's leading corporate clients. Open to any page and you'll find a wealth of creative ideas and strategies that can help turn your life around.