Prerequisite skills: A working knowledge of Excel is not mandatory, but is extremely helpful for understanding databases.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Be able to navigate through Access user interface
  • Be able to open an existing database
  • Be able to identify the parts of the Access Navigation Pane
  • Understand the benefits of using Access
  • Understand a basic relational database structure
  • Understand how tables are created and related
  • Be able to enter data into a table or form
  • Be able to create and run a query
  • Create a basic report using the Report Wizard
  • Understand reports, use and print existing reports

This course will be instructed using Office 2010 at our McVey location, but the content is compatible with Office 2007. This course is instructed using Office 2007 at all UK HealthCare training locations.