This introductory course will help you get started with Adobe Acrobat Professional and give you all the tools you need to begin working with and creating Acrobat documents. Additional topics include capturing images and text from an Acrobat document, adding electronic navigation, and combining multiple documents using Acrobat.

After completing this class, you should know how to:

  • Create pdfs from different authoring programs
  • Navigate the Acrobat work area
  • Search pdf contents
  • Capture images and text
  • Organize pdfs with bookmarks
  • Incorporate hyperlinks to navigate to websites or other pdf page views
  • Establish and read a pdf article
  • Add new text to a pdf using the Typewriter Tool
  • Use the TouchUp Text Tool to make simple text edits
  • Utilize the TouchUp Object tool to add or adjust images
  • Combine documents in merged pdfs or portfolios