Crucial Confrontations Training equips participants with a straightforward step-by-step process for identifying and resolving performance gaps--those unpleasant realities standing in the way of organizational success. With this hands-on problem-solving approach, participants learn to:


  • Step up to poor performance and pick the right problem to work on by addressing underlying motivation and ability issues.
  • Hold anyone accountable--no matter the other person's power, position, or temperament--and get positive results.
  • Motivate without using power by clearly and concisely explaining natural consequences and permanently resolving problems.
  • Enable without taking over by creatively helping others avoid excuses and work-arounds, stay on track, and resolve performance barriers.


Crucial Confrontations Training teaches managers and process owners of all types how to enhance accountability, improve performance, and ensure execution. Whether you're preventing problems or managing a crisis, move your team or organization to the next level with this revolutionary yet simple approach. The cost for this two-day workshop is $275.00 and includes all course materials (breakfast and lunch are also provided).