Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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What is eT&D?

eT&D offers online access to software training, resources, and certification preparation -- anytime, anywhere. This includes:

  • Self-paced courses

  • Online books

  • Practice Certification Exams

  • Expert Mentoring

This content is delivered through a company called SkillSoft.

Is there a cost? Who is eligible?

eT&D is available at no charge to University of Kentucky staff, faculty, and students.

How do I sign up? How do I create an account?

You need your LinkBlue userID and password.

If you have any questions regarding your LinkBlue username and password, please contact the IT Customer Service Center. You may stop by the Customer Service Center at 111 McVey Hall from 7AM to 6PM Monday through Friday, call 218-HELP (7a-Midnight Mon.-Thur.; 7a-6p Fri.; 1p-Midnight Sun.; no Saturday hours) or send email

How do I find eT&D at myUK?

Even though you use the myUK login form to access eT&D, you won't find eT&D at the myUK Employee Self-Service training tab at this time. You will need to login to eT&D by using the login link found at the eT&D login page. If you are already logged in to myUK, simply click on the link to login to eT&D and you will be seamlessly directed to the training site.

What is a course collection?

All of the courses are divided by topic into a course collection:

Desktop Skills

Includes Microsoft Office, computing fundamentals, internet skills, and email courses.

IT Skills

Includes software development, Internet & network technologies, operating systems & server technologies, programming, web design, project effectiveness (including PMI® Mentoring and PMI® TestPrep Exams) course collections.

If you have any question regarding subscriptions or are having difficulty finding the information and training in which you are interested, please contact us at either 257-3856 or

How do I use the skillport website where the content is found?

Tutorials for using the skillport learner website may be found under the navigation link "Take a Virtual Tour" (once logged in) or directly by clicking one of the following links:

My Plan
Search & Learn
My Progress

I'm having difficulty logging in. How do I know if my browser or system settings are causing the trouble?

If you are having any difficulty logging in, the issue may be due to your internet browser (or browser version) or other settings on your computer. Take the Skillport Validation Test (self diagnostic tool for any technical issues) and you will get an immediate answer which may pinpoint a problem. To access this self-diagnostic tool, click this link to test your system.

I have other technical questions about the Skillsoft requirements. Is there website I can visit with more information?

Visit the Product Knowledge Base for complete client system requirements.

Do I need anything else?

AdobeReader available at no charge through the Adobe Reader download page.

Who can I contact at UK for information?

Call 257-3856 or email anytime you would like to speak with the eT&D learning administrator at UK.