Courses for all UK Supervisors

These courses are required for both Campus & UK Healthcare supervisors and are offered on an ongoing basis. If you have questions about University SuperVision, contact Donna Vanover (859) 257-5996 or Tommy Leach (859) 257-9624.

If you have been attending University SuperVision training and aren't sure what classes you need to take to complete the program and receive your certificate of completion, please email Over the years, the program and course names have changed; we'll be happy to assist you in determining where you are in the completion process.

View the PDF chart of the University SuperVision courses »

UK HealthCare Supervisors

In addition to the University SuperVision classes, all UK HealthCare supervisors must also complete UKHC SuperVision.  These courses are offered on a quarterly basis. If you have questions about UKHC SuperVision, please contact Enterprise Learning at 859-257-9226.


View the PDF chart of the HealthCare SuperVision courses »