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The regulation and policy library serves as the official repository of all University-wide Governing and Administrative Regulations, and provides links to other University policy, in order to provide accurate and up-to-date policy information to the University community.

Staff Handbook » 
The Staff Handbook is an overview of HR Policies and Procedures. Every new employee receives a copy of the staff handbook when they attend New Employee Orientation.

Business Procedures »
Learn more about procedures related to purchasing, auxiliary services, and information services by following this link.

Administrative Regulations »
Policies of the President that implement the Governing Regulations and provide for the general administration and oversight of the University.

Governing Regulations »
Umbrella policies of the Board of Trustees that provide the framework for administration to implement and comply with the intent of Board Policy. Policies that define requirements or constraints that impact the University's overall mission, operation, or governance.

Human Resources Policies and Procedures »
Policies and procedures relating to employment with the University for all employee groups, except that certain policies for faculty are contained in the Governing and Administrative Regulations.

Other Policies and Procedures »
These policies and procedures further implement the governing and administrative regulations.