First Week

  • Supervisor Checklist -- By going over the information found in this checklist, you wil help your new employee become familiar with your department and the University.
  • New Employee Success Profile -- Help your new employee understand what success in their new role looks like by outlining specific examples and providing information on how success can be achieved.
  • Employee Profile -- Have the employee complete this page to tell you more about themselves. Keep in mind, they should share only the information they are comfortable with providing.
  • New Employee Welcome Website -- This site introduces your new employee to the UK campus and provides many useful links for the new employee.
  • Suggested One on One Meeting Questions -- In order to help the new employee get to know you, spend some time providing some information about yourself, your management style, etc.

    The questions in the attached document represent possible questions team members may have about you, their new manager. In planning your first and subsequent meetings, select questions from this list that you think will help your new employee get to know you and your management style.

First Month

Supervisor Checklist -- Second Day Through End of First Two Weeks

Two Week Discussion

At the end of the employee's second week, please complete Page 2 of the Supervisor Checklist. This checklist is the second page of the Two Week Complete Checklist, found under the Supervisor Checklist above.

First Three Months

90 Day End of Orientation Performance Appraisal
If this form is not completed within five (5) working days prior to the end of the employee’s New Hire Orientation period (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays), it will be deemed the employee has successfully completed new employee orientation.