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The unemployment department within Human Resources represents the University according to Unemployment Compensation laws and regulations defined by the state of Kentucky's Unemployment Insurance Commission.

Employer Address to use for UK Unemployment Claims

University of Kentucky
109 Scovell Hall 
Lexington, KY 40506

Refer Unemployment Inquiries to Us

When faculty and staff are needed as witnesses, or for documentation regarding separation of an employee, they will be notified by the University Unemployment office. If a state or local unemployment office should contact your office asking questions regarding the termination of an employee, refer them to the University Unemployment office at (859) 257-9189. Do not give out employee termination information.​

Online Claims

The Kentucky Division of Unemployment now has an online claim filing system. Click here to access the online claim filing system.

Office Map Locator

The Division of Unemployment Insurance can be accessed through Education and Training offices across the state. Click here to locate the offices in your area.

Unemployment Policy

Read Unemployment Policy - HR Policy & Procedure 100.0. If you have questions about other policies, refer to HR Policy & Procedure Manual.


Manager: Jeaune Hadl
859-257-9189 (phone)
859-323-1075 (fax)