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University employee spouses on a UK health plan are invited to participate in a free health screening. Eligible participants on a UK health insurance plan will receive a $100 rebate.

When can I participate? 

We do our best to ensure Check In event locations are convenient and accessible to the population we're serving each semester. In effort to serve a variety of groups within our UK community, we offer Check In appointments during the following eligibility windows offered so everyone has the opportunity to participate every other year.

UK campus employees Fall 2020
College of Ag Extension Agents or out of area employees Spring 2021
ARMS, ESH, & KCTCS & spouses on a UK health insurance plan Spring 2021
UK retirees & retirees’ spouses on a UK health insurance plan Spring 2021
New UK employees: hired on or after December 7, 2020 (on-campus) Spring 2021
UK employees' spouses/sponsored dependents on a UK health insurance plan Fall 2021

$100 rebate

UK health insurance plan members who complete a Check In during their eligibility window will receive a $100 (pre-tax) rebate for that fiscal year.

  • Employees paid bi-weekly will typically receive the rebate on their UK paychecks no later than three weeks from the date of completion. 
  • Employees paid monthly will receive the rebate in the month after completing their Check In (if the Check In is completed in September, payment will be made in October).

What are my options for participating?

Schedule and attend a free integrative health screening. Your 20-minute appointment with a wellness guide includes:
  • A comprehensive health screening and visualized highlights of your results
    This includes a quick finger stick which offers nearly instant results for cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, and more health measures. Because we know your numbers are not the whole story about your health, we'll point out a few of your numbers and show you some helpful features in your LiveWell dashboard to explore your health measures more in-depth if you're interested.
  • Support to consider your own sense of well-being
    What areas of your health do you feel satisfied with and what areas do you want to focus on? You’ll be guided through exploring your sense of health and well-being to more fully consider your numbers in context with what you know is working and what's not.
  • A conversation about what's next
    How do you want to move forward? Learn about free (and highly discounted) services and programs led by health professionals at UK who are dedicated to supporting your health and well-being, and choose a next step.

If you're unable to attend a health screening event during your participation eligibility window and you're a UK health insurance plan member eligible for the rebate, there is an alternate way to Check In. Simply complete this alternate process:

  1. Get started by taking a 10-minute online health questionnaire, which will then prompt you to complete the next step.
  2. Submit documentation from your health care provider by November 22, 2019. This should include bloodwork and other health measures, as detailed in the submission process. This information must be from a health care provider visit that took place on or after January 1, 2019.
    • Did you visit a UK HealthCare provider? You will send in specific documentation from the My UK HealthCare online patient portal. It's a convenient, secure way for you to access health measures, get health maintenance reminders and more.
    • Did you visit a health care provider outside of the UK network? You and your provider will complete and send in a form.

How do I prep for my appointment?

Choose whether to fast or notit's completely up to you to choose whether fasting (for a more accurate blood test) will work for you on your appointment date.

  • Fasting: For the most accurate glucose and triglycerides readings you will need to fast for 9-12 hours prior to your appointment. If you have diabetes and wish to fast prior to participating, please check with your doctor to see if and how to fast in a way that is best for you.
  • Non-fasting: We realize fasting isn’t always practical or easy depending on your appointment time, so don’t worry if you choose not to fast. Non-fasting results are accurate within 2% for total cholesterol and HDL. Glucose and triglyceride results will be interpreted based on non-fasting results. Keep in mind that cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose can vary from day-to-day regardless of fasting or not, choosing not to fast does add to this variation. 

Staying hydrated and having warm hands will ensure a quick and easy finger stick. Drink lots of water on the day of your appointment and consider dressing in layers. We will have a hand warmer on-site to help with this.

What's after my appointment?

The Check In invites greater awareness about where you are now and what to do next. Immediately after your appointment, you'll receive an email with links to:

  • View your screening results in our secure UK LiveWell dashboard. This includes educational information about each health measure, plus visualized health ranges to help you make sense of your health in a broader context.
  • Sign up for the program or service you chose as a possible next step.

When it comes to moving forward, the rest is up to you!