Check back soon for information about subsidized Fitbits to be offered in late 2017.

Eligible UK employees (full-time status of .75 FTE or greater) may choose to take advantage of a UK friends and family discount on up to two Fitbits between December 1, 2015 and when new subsidized Fitbits are offered in late 2017. Purchase up to two Fitbit devices valued at $100-$250 with reduced pricing of at least 15% off. To shop using your friends and family discount:
  1. Visit the University of Kentucky's online Fitbit store
  2. Enter your UK employee ID number as your promo code. Note: CKMS (ARMS and Eastern State Hospital) employees, please contact 859-257-9355 to receive your promo code. 

Questions about subsidized Fitbits? Review answers to frequently asked questions.