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We offer a variety of events related to aging and caregiving. From Alzheimer's to legal matters to housing and care options, join us for an event whether the topic is important to you now or it could be later. See all events here!


Support groups and meetings for caregivers

Our Past Events

Lunch & Learn: The MIND Diet

You may think that there is little that can be done to slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias, but eating a heart-healthy diet benefits both your body and your brain. The MIND Diet—which is short for Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay—is a hybrid of two balanced, heart-healthy diets that have been proven to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and the decline in brain health that often occurs as people get older. With simple nutrition and lifestyle changes, you can reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias.

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Lunch & Learn: ABCs of Dementia

Dr. Gregory Jicha, UK Professor, Department of Neurology and the Sanders-Brown Center on Aging will be with us to discuss the ABCs of dementia. Dementia is a frightening word. Simply, it is an umbrella term that describes a progressive biological brain disorder that results in a decrease in memory, in the ability to think and reason and in the ability to care for one’s self. Dr. Jicha will discuss the progression of dementia from the early to the last stages of the disease, including what treatments are currently available. This is your opportunity to learn from and talk with an expert in the field. Please join us for this very informative and important discussion.

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Lunch & Learn: Cyber Safety & Awareness for the Family

FBI agents and victim specialists will share tips and strategies to protect all members of the family from cyber attacks, cyber stalking, phishing schemes, cyber bullying and more. Topics of focus include children and the elderly.

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Lunch & Learn: Medicare Supplements

Are you helping your older loved one pick a Medicare plan that is right for them? Richard McQuerry from Senior Benefits Alliance provides assistance to help seniors make informed decisions and weed through all the Medigap, Medicare Advantage and Part D Prescription Drug plan options that are available. Now is the time to start the conversation with your loved one about their Medicare insurance plans. The plan that worked for them this year may be changing, premiums may be increasing, or maybe you want to learn about the new Medicare programs available. Annual enrollment is right around the corner. What better time to hear from an experienced professional that can help guide your loved one? Please join us to learn how to evaluate Medicare insurance plans for your loved one and avoid the headaches so many go through every year.

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In-Home Care Options: Extra Support for Your Loved One

As Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.” That seems to ring true for all of us, but what happens to your older loved one when the risks and challenges of staying in their home compromise their comfort and safety? There are options. There are services available to help your loved one live comfortably and safely in their home, while providing the care and support they need. Bill Hughes, owner of Accessible Home Care, will be with us to discuss the differences between home care and home healthcare and what you can expect from each of these services, options for paying for services and caregiving tips.

Legal Planning for Our Loved Ones and Ourselves

When an older loved one becomes unable to speak for themselves, we want to make sure that their wishes regarding their finances, health care, long-term care and end-of-life care will be honored. As we age, we also want the same thing for ourselves. Elder law attorney Mikal McKinley will discuss the necessary legal documents we all need when planning for a loved one’s or our own long-term care. Legal planning may be difficult and emotionally charged, but it can make a critical difference in the life of someone we are caring for or in our own life. Please join us for answers to the question, what's needed to start the planning process? Watch now >

The Myths about Hospice Care

Hospice services are still a mystery to many of us despite the numerous services and advantages it offers to not only those who are near the end of life but also to the families they leave behind. Laura Dake, Community Partnership Liaison with Bluegrass Care Navigators, will be with us to debunk some of the many negative myths that you may hear about hospice, such as “hospice means you give up,” “hospice is a place” or “hospice means the patient no longer has a say in their care.” In addition, Laura will discuss the variety of services Bluegrass Care Navigators offers including helping families with caregiving responsibilities, respite to those with a loved one in hospice care, offering emotional and practical support, and, of course, grief counseling. Services that we and our families will all need at some point in time. 

ABCs of Medicaid & Medicare Savings Programs for Seniors

Learn about the basics of Kentucky Medicaid and Medicare Savings Programs from Lee Guice, Director of Policy and Operations, and Shirley Hughes, Internal Policy Analyst, Kentucky Department of Medicaid Services. Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that helps with medical costs for our eligible older loved ones who have limited income and resources. It also offers benefits not normally covered by Medicare, i.e. long-term care in a skilled care facility and personal care services. The Medicare Savings Programs – QMB, SLMB or QI – can help pay for your older loved one’s Medicare Part B premium and can offer additional assistance. Lee and Shirley will help navigate us through the Kentucky Medicaid system. They discuss eligibility, how to apply and what benefits are available. Watch now >

When Is It Time to Consider Placement?

The decision on if, or when, to move your loved one into a care facility will be one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make as a caregiver. Caring for someone with dementia or any other debilitating progressive physical illness can be a daily struggle. Sometimes the best decision for the health, safety, and happiness of all is to place your loved one into a care facility. Caregivers often promise themselves and their loved one that this decision will never be made. But a promise like that, even though made with the best intentions, is based on unforseeable and unpredictable events. How do you know when it is time to consider placement? How do you cope with the stress and guilt that accompanies this decision? Please join Marie Smart, retired Family Care Specialist, Sanders-Brown Center on Aging to learn about taking that next step. Watch now >

Best Friends Approach to Dementia Care

The Best Friend's Approach is a care philosophy that enhances the life of our loved one living with Alzheimer's or other form of dementia. It teaches us to accept our loved one unconditionally, no matter what the behavior and helps us stay connected to him/her as the disease progresses. Tracy Byrne, a master best friends trainer for Bridgepointe at Ashgrove Woods will share with us what the approach is all about and how we can incorporate it into our day-to-day interactions with our loved one. Watch now >

Importance of Advance Directives

When it comes to serious illness care, one conversation can make all the difference. Ninety percent of people say that talking with their loved ones about serious illness care and advanced directives is important. Having conversations on values, what matters to you, not what is the matter with you can make it easier for family to make decisions when the time comes. Abbie Latimer, LCSW with UK HealthCare, will talk about how to have the conversation and taking the next steps to complete an advanced directive, which will make sure wishes are respected and clearly stated.

UK Retiree Health Benefits 101

A PDF copy of the presentation is available here
Terri Kanatzar and Hannah Farmer, Retirement Officers with UK Human Resources Benefits, will review the retirement process for employees eligible to retire from UK including: 

  • Administrative regulations with early retirement and normal retirement
  • Current retiree health benefits
  • Phased retirement
  • Working retiree benefits
  • Payouts and other resources/benefits 

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The Resilient Elder Care Caregiver

In order to take the best care of others, we have to remember to take care of ourselves. Terri Weber, Elder Care Specialist, covers the basics of caring for those we love and provides strategies for reducing stress. This presentation was part of the Well-Being Web Series, "Recharging Your Resilience."

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