What is the Elder Care Office?

The Elder Care Office at the University of Kentucky is here to support you and help you save time as you navigate your way through issues involved in caring for an elderly loved one.


The goals of UK Eldercare are to provide University Families with:

  • assistance in identifying current elder care needs

  • detailed and personal referrals to community services

  • a handbook on providing care to older family members

  • printed information relevant to needs, such as fact sheets

  • ongoing support to the employee, such as family counseling

  • seminars related to elder care issues

How We Can Help

Referrals: Need caregiving resources for your loved one? Let us do the 'leg' work for you. We can find resources almost anywhere in the United States. Although our office cannot endorse specific services, we can help with the selection process by answering questions and finding additional information. Contact our office at (859) 218-0457 or by e-mail.

Resource Guides: Visit our Elder Care Resources page to find free resources.

Contact Elder Care

Please contact the Elder Care Office and we will be happy to discuss your caregiving needs via e-mail, phone (859-218-0457), or in person.

Terri Weber, CSW

Elder Care Specialist

204 Breckinridge Hall

Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0056

Phone: (859) 218-0457

Fax: (859) 323-4728

Email: terri.weber@uky.edu