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Flexible work tips for employees

Start a productive conversation about flexible work arrangements with these tips.

Consider what’s possible in your position

These questions will help you get a sense of which strategies—remote work, adjusted hours, compressed work week or reduced hours–might be possible and what might not.

Talk about it with your supervisor

Before you submit your proposal, we recommend talking to your supervisor about it first and understanding all the context.

Are you ready?

Send your proposal

What happens after submitting a proposal?

Your proposal will be submitted to your supervisor and the HR Work-Life manager will be copied for reference only. Your supervisor has the option to approve, request revisions or deny.

A conversation about flexible work could result in a variety of outcomes. Be prepared for any of these possibilities: 

  • Agreement for a set time period
  • Trial before a longer-term agreement
  • Revisions and more discussion may be needed to reach an agreement 
  • Additional leadership may need to approve 
  • Current business goals and needs might not allow for any flexibility, but it could be an option for the position in the future 
  • The position may not allow for any flexibility because of the specific responsibilities