Not sure what days your child's school will be out during the school year? Click on links below to see the school calendars from Fayette and surrounding counties. 
Fayette County
Woodford County
Jessamine County
Clark County
Scott County
Madison County
Bourbon County

Explorium of Lexington

The Explorium will host no school day camps and other educational events throughout the school year. 
Dates: Aug. 23; Oct. 3-4; Nov. 5, 27; Dec. 23; Dec. 26-31; Jan. 2-3; Feb. 17; Mar. 20; Mar. 30-31; Apr. 1-3; May 19

Snow day camps will also be available. No prior registration required.  Click here to register or call us at 859-258-3253 for more information.
Ages: Pre-K - Grade 5
Cost: Varies per camp

Explorium School Day out and Snow Day camps

August 23: KITCHEN CHEMISTRY – Paint with M&Ms, explode Diet Coke and Mentos and explore science using common household ingredients!

October 3-4: NERF WARS – Make your own targets and test your accuracy with the Ping-Pong Challenge!

November 5: FUN AND GAMES – Legos, board games and an obstacle course will help cure your boredom!

November 27: DINO-RIFIC – Look at bones, make your own fossil and conduct an archaeological dig!

December 23: GROSSOLOGY – Make fake snot, learn about your body and get gross!

December 26-31 & January 2-3: MAKER FUN – Make art bots, build a fort and create a straw rocket!

February 17: CRAZY CHARACTERS – Create your own comic with as many characters as you can come up with!

March 20: BACKYARD BUGS – Meet the bugs, create your own bug and learn about all the backyard creatures!

March 30-31 & April 1-3: BEACH STAYCATION – Spend your spring break eating popsicles, having a Luau and making sidewalk chalk and slime!

May 19: CAMPOUT – Make s’mores, build a fort and learn about different forest animals!

The Living Arts & Science Center

The Living Arts & Science Center wil offer several day camps throughout the year, as well as after school, evening and weekend classes.
Dates: Check out website for options. Calendar:
Ages: 3-18
Cost: Varies per camp
Phone: 859-252-5222 or 859-255-2284

Newton's Attic

Newton's Attic offers several no school day camps focused on science and engineering through exciting, hands-on projects and classes. 
Dates: Visit website for options
Ages: Grades 1-8
Cost: Half day: $49.50-$59.50; full day: $95-$119
Register: Click on “Programs” to see list of options.

Transylvania University Basketball

Transylvania University will offer several day camps throught the school year. These camps are a great way to keep students active and supervised on days off from school. Camps will incorporate a range of basketball instruction, games and prizes. 
Dates: Oct. 3-4, Nov. 5; Jan. 20; Feb. 17; Mar. 20; May 19
Ages: Grades 1-5 (boys and girls)
Cost: $40 per session

Campus information:
Cpntact: Natalie Sweeney, or call 859-233-8516 (no school campus

Kevin Calhoun, 859-233-8772 (all camps)
YMCA of Central Kentucky

When school's out, the Y is in! Join us for fun games and activities that are a sure way to keep kids having fun and learning along th eway. They will have the opportunity to make new friends and engage in indoor and outdoor activities in a safe, positive environment. 
Date(s): Aug. 12, 13, 23; Oct. 3-4; Nov. 5, 27; Dec. 23, 26, 27, 30; Jan. 2-3, 20; Feb. 17; Mar. 20, 30-31; Apr. 1-3; May 19
Cost: $35 per day, 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Register: Click here to register.