Unit Planning & Annual Progress Reports

The Annual Progress Report strengthens the link between program review and subsequent planning, budgeting, and assessment activities.



By monitoring progress on selected goals and objectives each year, units may take corrective action and seek additional funding or other necessary resources to ensure success in achieving their strategic plans. Units maintain considerable autonomy in determining which goals and objectives to assess in any given year; however, they must systematically assess all strategic planning and/or student learning goals and objectives during the 5-7 year cycle. Units may indicate in the annual report those goals and/or objectives that could not be implemented due to a shortage of resources. In this sense, the annual progress reports are building blocks for the next program review and self-study report.


The Annual Progress Report Components

Each unit shall prepare an annual progress report that identifies:
1. Goals and objectives selected for assessment during the year,
2. Describes strategies, assessment methods, and criteria for success
3. Presents results, and
4. Uses results to formulate plans for quality enhancement.


Annual Progress Reports Additional Resources