Our Mission

This is how a change happens. One gesture. One person. One moment at a time.

What We Do

Inclusive Excellence and Diversity Education (IEDE) is committed to supporting the broader mission of the University of Kentucky’s strategic plan and the Office for Institutional Diversity (OID). IEDE serves the University as a centralized educational unit for expanding diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Our work is rooted in an organized effort to create a campus community invested in exposing, challenging, and minimizing the effects of interpersonal and institutionalized discrimination.

Our Approach

We recognize that the work of anti-discrimination is an ongoing pursuit. As such, we take a critical and educational approach to all programming, initiatives, and resources provided through our office. While IEDE offerings can function as independent services, they are most effective when considered and incorporated as part of a larger strategic employee development plan or curriculum.

All IEDE offerings are grounded in our three core values:

  • Language. Common language around bias and discrimination better ensures that our campus community has shared meaning and overall awareness.
  • History. Focusing on history draws attention to patterns of behavior or occurrence and offers a relational account of significant events.
  • Practice. Sustained behavioral shifts are best supported by practice in community with those committed to effecting change in their own world of influence.