Unconscious Bias FAQs

Thank you for your interest in the Unconscious Bias Initiative. We created this page to answer some questions you might have about our Unconscious Bias training. If you have a question that isn't included here, please email us at iede@uky.edu. This page will be updated frequently to reflect the questions we receive. Last update 8/9/2021.


Unconscious Bias for UK staff and faculty


Part I: Developing a Language for Unlearning​

Introduces language as a tool for identifying and responding to acts of bias


Part II: Using Language to Investigate Structural Bias​

Builds on the examples explored in Part I in order to connect types of coded language to the roots of structural bias


Part III: Doing Allyship: The Work of Unconscious Bias​

Guides participants on how to practice responding to or intervening with acts of bias that they experience or witness

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What's new about the Unconscious Bias training?

Inclusive Excellence and Diversity Education (IEDE) is excited to announce our newly expanded three-part Unconscious Bias Initiative beginning February 2021. This offering will replace the previous by-request 2-hour workshop series. This change seeks to amplify our office’s ability to connect with the broader campus community and support the University of Kentucky’s strategic diversity plan to accelerate progress around equity and inclusion. Expanding the initiative into three trainings also provides attendees with elaborated context around and deeper awareness of the systemic and interconnected roots of bias. Through a tiered, practice-based learning approach, participants will find an accountable and supportive environment to rehearse responding to and intervening with acts of bias and discrimination.

Please refer to our Facebook Live information session for more details.

I am a supervisor, and I would like to schedule a session of Unconscious Bias for my employees. How do I do that?

Supervisors are able to register their employees through MyUK Learning in the MyUK portal. Supervisors can register their employees for any of the Unconscious Bias trainings, so long as they are scheduled in consecutive order.

How do I register for Unconscious Bias?

​​​​​Registering for Unconscious Bias

1. Visit the myUK portal and log in with your link blue ID and password.   

2. Navigate to the Employee Self Service tab in the upper left of the screen.   

3. Scroll down and click to launch myUK Learning.

4. Choose the Learning tile.   

5. In the search bar type "Unconscious Bias”. You may want to change search results from “Title” to “Relevance” using the drop-down menu on the right side of the page. If this is your first time accessing myUK Learning, make sure to allow pop-ups on your browser.

- All Unconscious Bias workshops are virtual. The text under your offering should read VIRTUAL IEDE_UB_P[1, 2 or 3].

- Make sure you choose the Part that is right for you. There are three parts. If you have never taken Unconscious Bias at the University of Kentucky, choose Part 1.

6. Click  See Classes to view the available sessions. 

7. Choose your class and click Register Now. You will receive an automated email with the Zoom invitation. 

Which part do I register for?

- If you are new to Unconscious Bias at the University of Kentucky, select Part I. If you have questions about eligibility for Parts II and III, please email us. You may also be interested in this flow chart we created.

Do I have to take all three parts in the same week or month?

- No, you are welcome to take Parts I, II, or III when they are convenient to your schedule as long as you take them in consecutive order. You can sign up for all three parts in one week or space them out over a month or months, but you will not be admitted to a course where you have not fulfilled the prerequisite part within the prior 24 hours.

Am I required to attend this workshop?

- Check with your supervisor. See also Unconscious Bias for Faculty Search Committees.

When will my attendance be recorded in myUK Learning?

-  Please allow up to 7 business days from the date of attendance for your participation to be recorded in MyUK Learning.  

I’ve registered for an Unconscious Bias training. What do I need in order to attend?

Please have available a writing utensil and paper during your workshop. You can access the agenda and supplementary materials for your session through the link provided in your registration message. IEDE is using Zoom to conduct all trainings. Refer to the Zoom get started guide for help. You will need to log into Zoom with your LinkBlue ID (via SSO or Single Sign-On).


When do I receive my Zoom invitation? 

- The Zoom invitation for your session is included in your automatic registration email from myUK Learning.

Do I need a webcam and microphone? 

- Yes, the activities in our sessions are interactive. If you need access to a webcam or microphone, please visit the Work Anywhere page.

What if I have technical issues?

- Please email iede@uky.edu for assistance.

How do I make a request for accessibility support?

Please e-mail iede@uky.edu at least 48 hours in advance of your workshop date.

I need to take Unconscious Bias for my Faculty Search Committee. Does IEDE provide this?

The short answer is, "No." The Unconscious Bias Initiative offered by IEDE is not equivalent to Unconscious Bias for Faculty Search Committees. 

If you are an academic department in need of Unconscious Bias for Faculty Search Committees, please contact Emily Curtsinger with UK Human Resources at emily.curtsinger@uky.edu.

What if I took Unconscious Bias in 2016 (or any time before the creation of IEDE in Fall 2019)?

Register for Part I and see the changes we have made to the content! The three pillars of IEDE are language, history, and practice. The revised Unconscious Bias initiative focuses primarily on orienting attendees around core language and key terms. We begin here because diversity, equity, and inclusion work is constantly shifting – as is the way we apply inclusive language. As we say in our sessions: the meaning of words can and does change. Come learn what has changed since Unconscious Bias was first introduced to the campus.

What if I already took a revised version of the Unconscious Bias training in 2020?

Our commitment to the University’s vision for diversity, equity, and inclusion guides us forward in this newly expanded series that is distinct from the offerings of 2020. We encourage everyone who has participated in past Unconscious Bias workshops (and who is interested in continued learning) to register for Part I of this new series.

For those who think they may have the necessary background to advance to Part II of the series, we invite you to take a brief opt-out survey. This survey asks questions specific to the learning outcomes of Part I and should be easily answered. Those who do not successfully pass the opt-out survey will be asked to register for Part I.

Click here to take the opt-out survey for Part I.