Unconscious Bias: Intervention Practices – NEW!


All UK staff and faculty who have completed all the three-parts of the Unconscious Bias Initiative will be eligible to participate in Unconscious Bias: Intervention Practices (UBIP). This session dives into the practice ethos of the IEDE office and provides attendees an opportunity to work through scenarios with colleagues to better understand the activation of bias and potential intervention strategies.  

Please note that registration will be approved manually and this session is limited to 30 participants. We will honor registrations in the order we receive them. If you do not hear back from a staff member after 3-5 business days, please contact us at iede@uky.edu.

Please also note that the sessions below offer the same information. UBIP is currently a one-part series.

Submit a Scenario! 

Do you have an unconscious bias scenario you would like to work through with other participants? You have the option to prepare and submit a script to be used in a future Unconscious Bias workshop. 

Instructions to Submit a Scenario: 

  • Please keep the script length to 160 – 170 words.
  • Submit your scenario as a written transcript in a Microsoft Word document; IEDE will convert the transcript into an audio recording with subtitles.
  • Click here to submit your scenario.

Please Note: 

  • Once you submit a scenario, and it is in possession of IEDE, it is subject to the open records laws applicable to all public institutions. 
  • Please review these considerations as you prepare your scenario transcript: 
    • Remove or change any identifying information of the people/places in the scenario.  
    • Consider using pseudonyms for individuals.  
    • Consider changing a person’s specific organizational title to one that communicates their general level of institutional authority (the goal is to anonymize individuals)  
      • Examples: director, manager, team lead, department chair, vice-president, dean-level, project manager, etc. 
    • Consider referencing an organization type rather than identifying it by name. 
      • Examples: academic department, or health care office, administrative unit, etc.  
    • Include reference to social identities only as needed to contextualize the scenario.  
      • As a reminder from Unconscious Bias Part II, a social identity refers to a person’s identity based on their gender, race, sex, sexuality, age, class-status, employment status, religious practice, body size, etc.  

Additional Considerations: 

  • Please keep in mind that you might be in a session with someone referenced in a scenario (or with that person’s friend, colleague, or acquaintance).  
  • Submitting a scenario does not guarantee it will be included in the session you attend. You will have the option to consent to your scenario being included in a future Unconscious Bias: Intervention Practices session, or Unconscious Bias Part III.  
  • IEDE reserves the right to make edits to submissions as needed for clarity and length.