UK Internal Audit

University of Kentucky Internal Audit
1500 Bull Lea Road
Lexington, KY 40511
(859) 257-3126

An anonymous form can be completed here.

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UK Anonymous Reporting Service

All University employees are responsible for reporting unusual, illegal or dishonest activity. For instructions on reporting, you may call the UK Anonymous Reporting Service at (877) 898-6072 or visit the Comply Line website. For responsibility guidance for all University employees regarding the reporting of such activities, review  UK Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct.

UK Police Department

You can reach UKPD at (859) 257-UKPD (8573). You can also visit the UKPD website here.

Fraud Boundaries and Partnerships

Fraudulent activity has no boundaries – income level, educational level or position within our organization. Consequently, it can happen anywhere in the University. To ensure that all matters of fraudulent activity are properly communicated and investigated, a partnership has been established between Internal Audit, Legal Counsel, Human Resources and University Police. It is every UK employee's responsibility to prevent, detect and deter fraud. Fraud prevention begins with awareness. Call us at (859) 257-3126 for a consultation with Internal Audit.