Our Coaches

What is an Integrated Success Coach? 

Integrated Success Coaches are certified coaches through the International Coaching Federation who work together to share disciplinary knowledge to best coach/partner with each student in real-time, to establish cohesiveness of service and to build trust.  Rather than students finding and working with numerous offices/coaches on campus, Integrated Success Coaches are cross-trained to take a holistic approach to support and develop students to bring these services together. 


Currently, the following UK staff are serving as Integrated Success Coaches: 


Julie Bradley (Transformative Learning)

Benjamin Dunn (Transformative Learning)

Melinda Humbert (Transformative Learning)

Jennifer Malone (Transformative Learning)

Trevor Tierney (Transformative Learning)

George Boyd, IV (Transformative Learning)

Stephen Farley (Transformative Learning)

Kaylee Palomino (Transformative Learning)

Amelia Stanley (Transformative Learning)

Molly McAndrew (START/Transformative Learning)

Bailey Ubellacker (Transformative Learning)


Beth Austin (Stuckert Career Center)

Reba Carroll (Stuckert Career Center)

Jocelyn Gaydos (Stuckert Career Center)

Ashley Murphy-Gei (Stuckert Career Center)

Beth Hanneman (Stuckert Career Center)


Jesse Farley (First Gen/University Advising)

Lydia Wims (Identity/Student Support Services)


Alli Lake (Student Organizations & Activities)


Ashley Hinton-Moncer (Wellness/Campus Recreation & Wellness)


What does it mean to be ICF Certified? 

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the leading global organization dedicated to the coaching profession. 

Integrated Success Coaches undergo 60-125 hours of training, participate in 10 hours of mentor coaching with a certified coach, and engage in at least 100 hours of coaching practice.  ISC’s must then undergo the certification process through the International Coaching Federation, including submission of coaching materials and recorded coaching  sessions for evaluation. Our coaches are working toward certification as either Associate Certified Coaches (ACC), or Professional Certified Coaches (PCC). 

Many of our coaches also hold other professional certifications, including CliftonStrengths Coaching, Koru Mindfulness, DISC Assessment, MBTI, Strong Interest Inventory, Appreciative Advising, Academic Life Coaching, and more!