Why Integrated Success Coaching? 

At the University of Kentucky, we recognize that a student’s academic life does not exist in isolation and often factors other than academic ability inhibit the student from being successful in the university setting. Because it is necessary for students to be supported in all aspects of their lives in order to be successful in college, they often need access to support from many different coaching disciplines. However, for a variety of reasons, students may not have the resources or time to seek out multiple sources. Through an Integrated Success Coaching model, the University of Kentucky strives to increase student engagement and success through the following ways: 


  • Belongingness: Integrated Success Coaching allows students to have the opportunity to build a relationship with one coach throughout their college career providing cohesiveness throughout collegiate life transitions. 
  • Increase consistent use of support services: Students will not be “compartmentalized” into categories of need.  Instead, each Integrated Success Coach will be able to provide coaching knowledge across a variety of disciplines, creating a holistic approach and reducing the need for the student to access multiple services to reach the same end-goals.  
  • Positive behavior change and habit building: Because students will have one Integrated Success Coach, positive actions that the student takes towards their short and long term goals can be consistently reinforced, goals can be evaluated and adjusted as needed, and application of skills can be applied across different domains of the student’s life concurrently.  


What Makes Our Model Unique? 

UK’s Integrated Success Coaching Model brings together six coaching areas in a holistic developmental approach to meet the intersecting needs of students.  In addition to our Integrated Success Coaches, we have developed an Integrated Success Coach Advocate program that compliments the work done by ISC’s.  ISCA’s work to incorporate the coaching model’s skillset and mindset into all student interactions.



“I am thrilled to work in the Office for Student Success and to launch Integrated Success Coaching as a new initiative at the University of Kentucky. This program grew out of the desire to provide holistic support to our Wildcats. Students have diverse needs and rich experiences. Our Integrated Success Coaches are extensively trained to support students and help them develop academic skills, leadership skills, life skills, career exploration skills, financial wellness skills, health and wellness skills, and identity based skills. Rather than students seeking multiple supports across this wonderful resource rich campus, the Integrated Success coaches can serve as a one stop shop; a partner to walk alongside each student helping them successfully navigate college life.”

- Molly Reynolds, Director of Transformative Learning