UK Employee Voicemail Upgrade Option

UK Employee Voice Mail Upgrade Option

University of Kentucky Information Technology (UKIT) is upgrading Campus and HealthCare employee voice mail during spring/summer 2013. Over the past year a select group tested Exchange voice mail, which alerts users of voice mail through Outlook email. The voice mail message can be reviewed through an office telephone, computer, cell phone, or other mobile device. In addition, the system provides speech-to-text in the voice mail notification email. This allows users to read voice mail when listening is unavailable.

The Exchange voice mail system also provides users the following features:

Remotely listening to email being read using text to speech
Calling into the system and asking for the system to read your calendar schedule
Calling into the system and creating meetings and writing emails verbally

Mailboxes NOT eligible for this upgrade include:
Boxes of users who have elected to forward their UK email address to another email system, such as gmail.
Voice mail boxes that are shared and can be accessed by more than one person (since the Exchange voice mail will be attached to a single user’s Exchange account).

Campus and HealthCare departments using analog telephones can take advantage of this upgrade. Analog user will not hear the stutter or broken dial tone to indicate a waiting voice mail. In testing, this is typically not a concern since the user’s email will provide notification of voice mail.

UKIT will migrate users from the existing WindStream voice mail platform to Exchange voice mail without a charge. To schedule a voice mail upgrade, contact your departmental manager or business officer. Business officers will complete a form provided by UKIT and submit it to to schedule the upgrade. After an upgrade, the old voice mailbox will be available for 14 days.

For more information see our Exchange Voicemail Quick Reference Guide, and our Exchange Voicemail Upgrade FAQ. To request an upgrade, please fill out the Exchange Voicemail Upgrade Spreadsheet.

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