Automated Book Voucher Process Created

Over the past several months, the EAG SLCM team, led by Tonya Prince, has worked with Sigma Systems, representatives from CS Gold, staff from the Office of Student Financial Aid, and the Mobile/Portal/Workflow team on a collaborative effort to create the automated book voucher process. This process will greatly benefit students whose financial aid and/or scholarship funds are not immediately available at the beginning of the semester.

In such situations, students are allowed to apply for book purchase vouchers from UK to overcome the unfortunate timing of the arrival of their funds. The newly automated book voucher process translates into a significant improvement in service for students and will further minimize foot traffic seen at the Enrollment Management offices. In addition, it relieves Financial Aid and Student Account Services staff from hours of manual work devoted to processing book voucher requests.

The automated book voucher process went “live” January 10, 2011. An email message was sent to 6,800+ potentially eligible students with information on how to apply for a book voucher through the myUK portal.

Students can now go to the Request a Book Voucher tab located on the myUKportal and apply for a Plus account to purchase books. The menu path is as follows: Student Services → Financials → Financial Aid → Request Book Voucher. If approved, the Plus request amount (maximum of $500) is updated in SAP and CS Gold. The process can be completed in under 30 seconds, and the student can immediately go to the bookstore to purchase books and supplies.

This project provides a great example of collaboration among various groups. It provides not only a needed service and convenience to students but also a great improvement in processing time and staff attention to a previously existing manual, paper process. 

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