Student Account Manager Updated

The account manager at was updated on Monday, February 14, 2011. What does this mean?

New Students that complete the account activation process will be given the option to set up a UK Google Apps or a Windows Live@Edu email account and set email delivery to either a cloud system (Gmail or Live) or a non-UK email account.  It is possible that this will not match information contained in the Admission letter documentation the new student received in the acceptance package from the university.  However, to activate the accounts,the new student should complete the instructions in the account manager.

Current students that log onto the account manager for any reason have the ability to create and set mail delivery to a cloud-based UK Google Apps or a UK Windows Live@Edu account. 

Note: If a UK Google Apps or a UK Windows Live@Edu account is created and selected as the recipient account for mail coming to the University Email Address, all email messages from the university will be delivered to the new account.  The student will not have the option to reset the recipient mailbox for messages addressed to the UEA to the Exchange account mailbox, although they will continue to have access to the Exchange account email and information until it is migrated to a new cloud gmail or live account.  Read More…

Additional Updates:

  1. Only AD password criteria are enforced. Within the account manager, “What are the password rules” describes these criteria.
  2. All users will have to create new security challenge questions.
  3. Users can have both an Exchange mailbox and an alternate delivery location. Email sent to the UEA will be delivered to whatever the mail delivery location is set to.
  4. An alternate delivery location does not delete the Exchange mailbox.
  5. Users must have a UEA other than in order to have an alternate (non-Exchange) delivery location.
  6. Users that have been grandfathered into the current Exchange 2007 that have not set up a formal UEA will be forced to create one.

Questions and concerns regarding the Account Manager updates can be directed to or 859-218-HELP (4357).

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