TSM Centralized Backup Pricing

Centralized Backup Pricing

The current backup product, TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager), prices software by whether the machine to be backed up is a server or a desktop, by how many processors and cores the system has, and by how backups will be generated. In addition to the startup cost to purchase the TSM license, there is a yearly maintenance fee (which allows for call-in support and software patches/upgrades) for each client.

Backups can be done either over the conventional campus network (LAN) or over a high-speed storage network (SAN). The SAN is a more expensive option and is generally used only for systems with very large amounts of data. Systems backing up over the SAN must be on the same SAN as the TSM server and must purchase a TSM for SAN license in addition to the regular license.

Desktop Systems    (Non-server type applications)

The initial license cost for a desktop/laptop backup is $34.52 (which includes the first year’s maintenance); the current recurring TSM maintenance cost is $6.90/year for each client.

Server / Database / SAN / Mail  (Exchange)

To backup servers or other systems, please contact the Service Desk at 218-4357 or by email at 218help@uky.edu to initiate a quote.  TSM pricing on servers is per Processor Value Unit (PVU).  PVUs are determined by the type of processor and the number of cores in it (the more powerful the processor, the higher the PVU assessment).  Backups staff will follow up with the requestor to confirm the processor and cores to be used in determining the PVU count for the quote.

If TSM for Databases is purchased for a database server, a server license for TSM backups is also required.

Like the desktop clients, the initial TSM server license cost includes the first year of maintenance.  The recurring maintenance cost is typically about 20% of the initial license cost per year.


859-218-HELP (859-218-4357) 218help@uky.edu