TSM Installing Unix/Linux Client

Installing TSM on a Unix System

Download client from UK website. Make sure the backup admin has your system registered to the backup server before performing the install.

If you are upgrading to a new level of the TSM client software instead of doing a new install, kill the 'dsmc schedule' and 'dsmcad' processes before installing the new level of the client.

Different unix platforms have different software install tools, for example, AIX has SMIT, Solaris has pkgadd, etc. Depending on your platform, use the appropriate tool to install the software, and then view the README doc(s) to make sure your system has the required software and patch levels. You may have more than one product in your install file. You need to install the backup client, and if you want web access to your client (recommended) also install the web interface.

* Solaris uses pkgadd and needs to install TIVsmCba.

* AIX uses restore to extract the files (read the README before proceeding) and then use smit to install.

* HPUX uses swinstall and needs to install TIVsmC.

* LINUX when installing with rpm, use the --nodeps option.

cd to /opt/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin (or wherever you installed the software)

and edit dsm.sys


SErvername  server_a
TCPServeraddress   node.domain.company.COM


TCPServeraddress   backups.uky.edu

(or whatever other server you were instructed to use)

Change the TCPPORT entry to the port you were instructed to use.

and add the following lines:


querysch 4

tcpb 512
tcpw 1024

You can also add lines such as

exclude.dir /tmp

to exclude areas from backup. By default all local file systems will be backed up.

Next enter

./dsmc q sess

Enter the userid and password that the backup server administrator gave you when your system was registered.

Lastly, execute these commands and modify your system to execute these at system startup. These allow for unattended backups, and for remote administration.

nohup ./dsmc schedule 2> /dev/null &

There is a sample startup script on download.uky.edu that will handle this if modified properly for your system.

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