Classroom & AV Support

Classroom Technology Support

Classroom & AV Support supports classrooms across the University of Kentucky’s Lexington Campus. The classrooms are centrally scheduled through the Registrar's office.

If you have problems or questions with equipment in the rooms, please contact:

  • North Campus (CB 312): (859) 323-6455
  • South Campus (NURS 207): (859) 257-5916
  • More details on who to contact here.

Equipment checkout

Classroom & AV Support reserves the right to cancel or decline any equipment request, as needed, which is not for classroom use. To reserve or request equipment, fill out the form here

Please note:

  • University of Kentucky colleges and departments can check out a limited amount of AV equipment for events at no charge.
  • The equipment must be returned within three business days. *Because on-site technical support will not be available, the client will be shown how to use equipment upon checkout.
  • University of Kentucky student organizations can check out AV equipment only with the consent and written approval of the Faculty representative for that group. The Faculty representative assumes all responsibility for the equipment supplied.
  • If equipment is returned late, check-out privileges will be suspended for a period of six months.