Classroom Technology

Classroom, AV Support, & Student Technology Services supports classrooms across the University of Kentucky’s Lexington Campus. The classrooms are centrally scheduled through the Registrar's office.


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TEAL Classrooms FAQ

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How many TEAL classrooms does UK have? Where are they located?

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As of Fall 2016, UK has 17 TEAL rooms in the following locations: Academic Science Building (some have a PC & document camera at each table) ASB 103, 36 seats ASB 108, 42 seats ASB 114, 42 seats ASB 139, 24 seats ASB 203, 36 seats ASB 213, 36 seats ASB 221, 132 seats ASB 231, 24 seats ASB 243, 24 seats ASB 337, 24 seats ASB 347, 24 seats ASB 357, 21 seats Multi-disciplinary Science Building (PC & document camera at each table) MDS 333, 36 seats The 90 203, 54 seats White Hall Classroom Building CB 331, 42 seats CB 349, 42 seats

How can I request a TEAL classroom for my full semester course?

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Reservations for full semester classes should be made through the Registrar’s Office during the classroom scheduling windows each semester. Please contact your department scheduler and ask him/her to request a TEAL room for your class when the schedule for your department is sent to the Registrar.

What technology training and support is available for TEAL classrooms?

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Technology training and technical support are provided by ITS A/V Services. Contact us with questions or to schedule a one-on-one meeting in your TEAL classrooms to go over all the A/V resources and controls.

What should I do to prepare to teach in a TEAL classroom?

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If you’ve never taught using an active learning approach before, you may want to redesign your syllabus and/or learning activities to make optimal use of the classroom environment. Contact CELT for a personalized consultation.

If you're already familiar with active learning instructional strategies and best practices, but you haven't taught in a TEAL room before, contact A/V Services to request a classroom tour and technology demo session to learn all about the technology resources available to you.

How are the TEAL classrooms being assessed by the university?

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Staff from the Office of Institutional Research, the Office of Assessment, the Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching, and ITS are working collaboratively on a multi-faceted evaluation strategy that will include gathering feedback from instructors and students, tracking usage of technology and space, and assessing the effectiveness of TEAL rooms and instructional strategies on student learning outcomes and retention over time. The evaluation will begin during the 2016-2017 academic year, with the first report expected in late summer 2017. For more information about the evaluation strategy, contact Virginia Lacefield at virginia @ or 859-257-3018.