Gabriel Dadi

Gabriel Dadi

Customer Spotlight: Gabriel Dadi

July 19, 2021

College/Unit: College of Engineering

Department: Department of Civil Engineering

Describe what you and/or your team does at UK.

Here at UK, I teach and research in the area of construction engineering and project management.

Talk about the ways you’ve collaborated with ITS and how it impacted your work.

I teach a graduate course on Building Information Modeling (BIM) that creates, uses, and manages project delivery through advanced computer models. As part of the course, students get hands on experience with turning 2D blueprints into BIM models. I was fortunate to cross paths with Information Services while they were in the process of a campus-wide initiative to create BIM models for campus facilities. Through continued collaboration with their team (shoutout to Janet, Gretchen, and Michelle), our students are able to support that initiative while also learning about the practical world of facility management.