Sarah Kercsmar

Sarah Kercsmar

Dr. Sarah Kercsmar

February 12, 2020

College/Unit: College of Health Sciences

What services do you and your teammates provide to campus?

I oversee the undergraduate program in Clinical Leadership & Management and I’m the certificate director for the Clinical Healthcare Management Certificate. I am also an assistant professor.

Tell us about your collaboration with ITS and the ITS services that your department utilizes:

I’ve been involved with ITS for quite a while. I was a pilot tester for Canvas when it first came to campus and a vocal advocate for the switch to the new Learning Management System.  I use Canvas heavily in all my classes and help coach others in my department on tricks and tips in Canvas.  We also use Zoom quite frequently to record interviews, lectures, and hold virtual office hours.  I use Qualtrics each semester to do a 360-evaluation with my Capstone students as they approach graduation.  I have been a part of many e-Learning training sessions and projects over the years. 


I also have had the opportunity to serve as the chair of the Academic Computing Committee on campus.  My favorite project with this group was the “Academic Technologies Fair” that we held last year.  Faculty, staff, and graduate students from around campus were invited to come and showcase technologies that they use in their day-to-day work for others in the campus community.  The energy and learning that happened as part of this event was contagious!