Tyler Gayheart

June 07, 2017

College/Unit: Academic Excellence

Department: Office of Strategic Communication

What services do you and your teammates provide to campus?

Our team is responsible for the communication, marketing and CRM-related services on behalf of the Academic Excellence Units. We’re currently working on an enterprise-wide migration into Salesforce CRM and related products. We’re also responsible for the web communication and Drupal-related assets across Academic Excellence. We have the opportunity to work with a range of University services programs and initiatives. Our goal is to provide solutions for their communication, marketing and strategic initiatives. Additionally, through our projects and solutions we want to help empower users from across campus to be excellent stewards of the student experience via a multitude of communication channels.

Tell us about your collaboration with ITS and the ITS services that the College utilizes:

Given that our office is highly focused on our digital properties, we’ve had some very successful collaborative projects with ITS. Most recently, we launched the Academic Exploration Tool (AET), a completely new way for students to search and find a major based on their interests and skills. The Product Development & Integration Services team within ITS, while working on the myUK: GPS system, built a custom web service to “feed” AET curriculum data and information. Based on our research, this is the first time a university has integrated a degree auditing system with a major exploration platform. Additionally, the Lifecycle @ UK Project is truly a campus-wide endeavor that includes stakeholders and project leaders from across the enterprise. Our lead Project Manager, Peggy Akridge from the Administration, Finance & Project Management team of ITS, helps to keep the project on time and on target. The data being surfaced within Salesforce will come from a variety of systems, and that would not be possible without the collaborative work by our Analytics and Assessment team and ITS. The process has helped to uncover efficiencies and opportunities for integration, coordination and improvements across the board.